Alrighty so door the title.I am just going to say one thing and one thing only.WHAT COULD PAWSIBLY GO FUCKING WRONG?! (okay sorry)Okay so here is a couple things I wanna say. 1. the reason this took so long is.I want the best for the fans.also because of school.2 I may start posting. The Problem on qoutev.Okay know that is outta of the way.Letsa go!okay so people are proubably wondering.BAWW GFDCCF WHY U PUTZ BUBSFGETY IN THE TITLEZZZ HESA A SAWNIC RIPOGFFGGF!!!!well to bad cry me a fucking dandy river and I'll drink your tears.Okay so this contains sonic 06 and the whole bubsy franchise is because.The get WAY to much hate.I mean sonic 06 has diled down..but when was the last time u heard.Oh I LOVE!! the Bubsy franchise!!! No.Well maybe. Okay I am gonna make this clear.I don't particular CARE for Busbsy that much. he in my opinion is a lil bit annoying! his games while not the worst could USE some important. Luckily the new bubsy game is not gonna be developed door the same creator.So he could possibley be good. which in my opinion is good.Also YES I will admit bubsy was just a sonic and mario ripoof and that toon he stared in sucked.BUT and this is a big but.Is he really that bad?I mean door the looks of the games they look slippery.but like I zei improvement is possible.While Sonic 06.I actually want a remake of this game door sega.improved,not rushed, and replace sally with a elise.But we know how sega gives a shit about the freedom fighters and how some fans would react.So thats really all I have to say.also do u have any suggestions on what I can do? because sometimes eventhinking for weeks.I can't think of anything.Like I zei earlier.I want the best for the how about some suggestions in the comments? well if u want that is.but I've been thinking of my top, boven 5 favoriete pokemon so that might come tomorrow.Okay see yoo guys.Thanks for reading this (^-^)