Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic and vrienden - College Life ( Different background FanFiction )

BunnyCottage479 posted on Feb 28, 2013 at 10:44AM
Hello! I am a new Sonic fan!

My story is completely twisted. I don't stick to the episodes of Sonic X, although I do use the same characters AND their characteristics, but I don't use the same background.

Hope y'all like it! The story will be posted tomorrow, here are the introducing of characters so that you can have a more clear picture of who and how am I going to write...

Characters ( for now ) :

-Relationship with Tails and Amy : Great friends.
-Relationship with Knuckles : Half enemy, half friend.
-Relationship with Shadow : Not good, is hated by Shadow for no reason.
-Relationship with Rouge and others : Okay.

-Relationship with Sonic and Amy : Good friends
-Relationship with Knuckles : Same as Sonic.
-Relationship with Shadow : Not good too. Tails think he has some mental issues.
-Relationship with others blah blah : Okay.

-Relationship with Sonic and Tails : GREAT! But she likes Sonic more, of course.
-Relationship with Knuckles : DON'T LIKE, but still friends.
-Relationship with Shadow : … Does not know how to describe.
-Relationship with others : SUPERB!

-Same as Amy.

-Relationship with Sonic, Tails and Amy : Good actually, but he likes to make fun of them sometimes.
-Relationship with Shadow : Okay, in a way.
-Relationship with others : So so.

-Relationship with all : Does not really like everyone, but is still very helpful and nice in critical conditions.
-Truth behind all : He has a lonely personality.

-Hates Sonic.

P.S : The story will be SonAmy soo people who don't like it... Well, just exit, thanks. :)

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een jaar geleden BunnyCottage479 said…
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Chapter 1 is not finished... But I'll post whatever I typed anyway.
misshedgehog commented…
is this like a rp? een jaar geleden
een jaar geleden BunnyCottage479 said…
----------------CHAPTER ONE--------------------

“Oh no no no... I overslept! Now I'm almost late for the morning class! Ugh, why does the corridors have to be soo long...”Sonic did the Light Speed Dash but it still took him some time to get to the lecturing hall.

Meanwhile, in the Science lecturing hall...

“Knuckles, have you seen Sonic? I did not see him for the whole morning...”Amy asked Knuckles, and obviously from her talking voice, she was worried.
“No, I have not.”Knuckles replied her in a I-do-not-care tone.
At the same time, Tails sighed, “Oh boy, Sonic must have overslept again.”

Suddenly, a sentence twitched into Tails's ears. “...Sonic is so damn useless.”

“How could you say that! Sonic is so brave! Ah... he is my hero...”Amy is eventually starting to dream about the heroic times of Sonic. Again.

However, Tails did not let go of Knuckles so easily...

Tails was facing backwards to Knuckles, so he said, “Knuckles, do you mind if you turn around for a sec?”
“Sure, what?”Knuckles immediately turned around and...

VOOOOOMMMMM !!!! ( sound )

Tails, well, rotated his, erm, tails, to make a big wind. The wind was blown directly at Knuckles face. ( Hahaha, poor Knuckles. XP )

“HEY! What the- ?! What are you- ?!” Knuckles used his large fists to block as much wind as possible. But unfortunately, his cool hair ( that was his hair, right? It looks like hair to me. :P ) was all messy afterwards.
“HA! Take that, KnuckleHead!”Tails laughed histerically at Knuckles' ridiculous hairdo.
“Ugh... I almost used up the whole morning to make my hair!”

“Hmm... Interesting...”A deep voice spoke.

“Huh?” Three of them turned their heads to where the voice came from. It was Shadow!

“Oh, Shadow! Err... What's so interesting?”Tails looked at him in complete bazaar.

“Nothing.”Shadow answered coldly.

SWOOOSHHHHHHH !!! Along with that swooshing sound, there was a blue figure! SONIC!

-----------------------TO BE CONTINUED------------------------