Sonic the Hedgehog Rate The fan Theory - Blaze in Sonic 2006 is a Figment of Silver's Imagination

Uncle-Chairman posted on Jul 12, 2014 at 02:23AM
Welcome to Rate The Fan Theory. Here, you may rate, debate, and discuss fan-made theories regarding the Sonic The Hedgehog series. The theories are not necessarily my own; they may come from various sub-sects of the fandom (though this does not mean I may not create my own theories). They do not have to have a strong following. They simply have to exist and have at least some evidence, to make this interesting.

Theory 1 - Blaze in Sonic 2006 is a Figment of Silver's Imagination

This one was featured on TvTropes' WMG section for Sonic 2006. Blaze in Sonic 2006 did not interact with any characters besides Silver (and Mephiles, though this means little). No other characters besides Silver even acknowledged her, not even Sonic, whom she had just spent an entire game interacting with. She would not have forgotten him so easily, considering the impact and impression he had made on her, teaching her the values of friendship and helping her open up to people, becoming one of her closest friends, if not her closest friend altogether. Her only mention of Sonic in Sonic 2006 is her mumbling "Blue hedgehog..." This has lead some people to believe that the Blaze presented in Sonic 2006 is a figment of Silver's imagination; a figure created by Silver's psychic power to help him cope with his loneliness in a world where he is the only survivor of an apocalypse caused by an immortal being of destruction that he is fighting and losing against. The only holes in this theory are Blaze's interaction with the physical world and her sealing of Iblis within her body, things that an imaginary being would likely not be able to do.

You may discuss and debate this theory, state and explain your support for it, refute it, or even attempt to patch it's holes. I'd like to keep the debate to one theory a thread to keep things organized, so for any new theories, I urge you to open a new thread on the forum. Let the debate begin.

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