Sonny Trivia:

1.When Sonny With a Chance was in working stages as Welcome to Mollywood, Sonny's name was Molly, and when the show's name was changed to Welcome to Holliwood, her name was Holli. It was changed again, this time to Sonny With a Chance, about a maand before Disney Channel started making promos about the show.

2.Sonny has been in every episode in Sonny With a Chance and been in almost every So Random! episode.

3.Sonny's first sketch was One Bad Bee.

4.Sonny is a fan of MacKenzie Falls.

5.Sonny is Team Fredric from Tridark Saga.

6.She has received three signed pictures of Chad, with each picture addressing her in a different way. In West Coast Story, she was addressed as Sonny; in Tales From the compliment House, Chad wrote her as "His Biggest Fan"; and in Falling for the Falls, Chad addressed her as "His Lady".

7.Sonny used to live in Greenbay, Wisconsin and went to West Appleton High School.

8.Sonny was a Blossom Scout when she was eight-years-old, but was not able to complete her final merit badge and become a full-grown Blossom until Chad helps her in "Cookie Monsters".

9.It is revealed in "Sonny With a Secret", Sonny does not like nuts.

10.In Sonny at the Falls , Sonny is shown to be right handed.