Tales From the compliment House is where the cast of So Random! has 24 hours to give their beloved compliment House to the cast of Mackenzie Falls for the meditation room. Sonny and the cast handcuff themselves to the compliment House to try to get it back and after two hours of standing there Sonny,Tawni,Nico,Grady,and Zora decide to fight back! When they do Sonny has Zora cut a hole in the cieling so they can throw stuff at Chad,when Sonny comes in she says she left a compliment there and then she tells Chad the hole Zora made is a multi purpose hole. The cast throws random stuff like garbage,Tawni's shoes,and bowling pins then Zora throws a bowling ball at Chad and then they annoy him into the foto booth and Chad gets chased out door a rat. After that Chad gives the cast presents he gives Tawni a bedazzled lipgloss case Zora a nightlight for the sarcophagus and Sonny a signed
picture of him that says To my biggest fan I'm sorry. T V's Chad Dylan Cooper. after Sonny says she's touched she asks "What did u get Nico and Grady?" then Chad says I let them take a ride on the heftruck, vorkheftruck and the episode ends with u let them do WHAT on the WHO NOW?!