Sonny With A Chance How sonny with a chance began and ended. Also a walk through the life of Demi

krisy04 posted on Aug 13, 2012 at 04:37PM
A journey through her life:
She started out on Barnie. She played the trumpet. then she had her big break... Camp Rock. She played the lead with Joe Jonas. She was only able to go to camp because her parents were the chefs there. She had a reconizable talent. the mean popular girls noticed that and didnt want her to beat them in the competition. so she joined their team and later she realized how horrible she was becoming and went solo. She won. After Camp Rock she had an album from Camp rock and she was right on top with Disney. She got her own Show Sonny with A Chance. She played Sonny who was a new member on the cast of So Random. Tha t show lasted awhile till when she was on a tour and her whole personal life just started going down, FAST! Reports of her cutting herself and rushing to the ER (she has been cutting herself sinsed she was 12 because of bulling. No worries, she resently quit) She was bulimic. She had to go away for a while to get treatment (which helped her a lot! Demi qutos "I feel so much better after treatment, it really heped me.") And rehab. She just wasnt suit to be on Disney. Being a role model, one to look up to for little kids. so she left Disney but kept on making music. She came out with her newest album Unbroken. She just hosted the Teen Choice Awards 2012. well hope you enjoyed your walk through the life of Demi. And thank so much for taking the time to read this, i out alot of time, thought and effort into wrighting this so thanks, it means a lot! :)

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