Sonny With A Chance The Wrong Anwser Game

cuteipie posted on Jun 20, 2010 at 05:10PM
ok i got the idea from the charmed site it is called the wrong anwser game

all u have 2 do is anwser each others questionswith the rong anwserand the peep that anwser it wrong and ask the next question so i will start

wot r sonnys freinds names

Sonny With A Chance 5 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden kalfire1 said…
Freedie sam and carly
een jaar geleden kalfire1 said…
Who is chad dylan cooper?
een jaar geleden AaaaaGirlygirl said…
big smile
Zac Efrons best friend.
een jaar geleden AaaaaGirlygirl said…
Why did Sonny break up with Chad?
een jaar geleden itshuriz said…
Because she was moving to Hawaii.

Where is Zora's LEAST favorite place to hide?