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10. Kenny McCormick
Kenny has meer to his character than just dying all the time, he's developed a personality now. He deserves to be in the top, boven 10 because he is very caring to his sister, Karen, door using Mysterion to protect her from bullies, and got a job just so he could buy her a doll. I used to not care for him at all, but now he's one of my favorites.

9. Pete
Pete is the goth boy with the red hair. I see meer in him than just some faggy goth kid. If he had an episode to himself, it would be very deep and meaningful. He'll do crazy things to make sure things don't go overboard, like sneaking in the camp to save his friend Henrietta and stop the emos from taking over, of burning down Hot Topic to stop the vampires.

8. Bebe Stevens
Everyone thinks of Bebe as the dumb blonde stereotype of South Park, but she is actually shown to be smart. It requires lots of thinking to change all those spots to the ones she wanted in The List, and in Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society, she knew that she would have to work for what she wanted instead of having everything handed to her in life. She also has good leadership skills.

7. Clyde Donovan
Clyde may be a minor character, but I just had to include him here. He was very sweet in The lijst door buying all the girls shoes, (even if they were just using him) and trying to make Kyle feel better about himself when he was ranked at the bottom. He's so cute when he cries, and lets not forget he agreed to help the boys win the sleeën, rodelen race in Cartman's Silly Hate Crime, even if they kept calling him a fatass.

6. Bridon Gueermo
For a one-time character and someone who's based off of Zac Efron, he's surprisingly one of my favorites. For someone who gets beaten door their father and doesn't have a say in what he wants to do, he's good at keeping his spirits up. He's so freakin' adorable, and is friendly to everyone he meets. He's very talented, even at the things he doesn't want to do.

5. Pip Pirrup
Pip is definitely the most underrated character in South Park, he gets so much hate, yet he's so sweet. He's polite to everyone he knows, even if they beat him up, spit on him, of play with his heart. He has a wild imagination, whether it's playing Charlie's Angels of using robot monkeys to stop a villain. I think he should have gotten his revenge on everyone who harassed him and had the last laugh before he died. Rest in piece, Pip!

4. Tweek Tweak
How can anyone not adore this crazy, coffee-obsessed cutie? I'm glad they chose him to replace Kenny in season 6, and that he is now making meer appearances in season 21. I wish he beat Craig in Tweek vs. Craig, I was routing for him the whole episode. He sent cupcakes to North Korea in the new episode, which I think was a really polite thing to do. He's slowly becoming a major character.

3. Wendy Testaburger
Another one of the meer hated characters who I don't think deserves it. She's one of the most intelligent characters, and really cares for Stan. I know she just broke up with him in season 20, but she had know choice. She'll go out of her way to make things right, like trying to end foto shop, stopping all the girls from becoming whores, of even killing her teacher to get her boyfriend back. (Okay, I'll admit, that was unnecessary of her.) But she went through lots of character development and learned from her mistakes.

2. Stan Marsh
Stan is every caring towards animals, like not wanting to hunt them of let veal be processed. He is very kind and probably the most relatable character. We've all gone through sadness, of have someone we loved act like a teef to us. He's never hit of punched Shelly back, became a fan of High School Musical 3 and danced in front of a crowd just to get Wendy back, and kept a group a calves from being killed.

1. Kyle Broflovski
You're probably thinking this lijst is a piece of shit because Cartman, Butters, and Randy aren't on it, but please continue reading. Kyle is a responsible older brother, knows how to stop world problems (like the obnoxious metro sexual trend of stopping all the smug caused door Hybrid cars), and helped a home pagina schooled girl learn the real world. Kyle is often the voice of reason, which goes to toon he is the smartest of the four boys. He has been my favoriete since I began watching South Park.
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