Meanwhile Ahsoka sat studying intently at the table, among the numerous piles of books. Wipping her forehead she found blood on the back of her hand. "Damn it, not again!" A chill rode down her spine as she got up to comm the doctor. The sudden pain,contorting her body into a curled ball.Unable to scream, she breathed slowly crawling forwards in hopes of reaching the door. As she continued her struggle Ahsoka shut her eyes, as pain made her its life's work. Her eyes flew open as the bones in her hand cracked,bled and reset themselves. She cried as she had never before,as tears of pure blood poured off her face, "How the hell do we help her Commander?" She heard Sharp's pleading voice resound like a thunder clap and whimpered. Sharp knelt down volgende to her."The doctor's on his way. He'll be here soon." Commander Flash, sporting his new mech legs stared down at what had once been his prized student.The doctor arrived,followed door the members of Snake squad. Many of them removed themselves to the refresher as they were imprinted with her pain. As Commander Flash placed her on the carrier and strapped her down. Ahsoka grabbed his wrist as she gasped in pure pain."Do...c,I w-ant... t-o... t-a-lk... c-ap-tain,...R-e-x." Commander Flash held her hand while he turned his steely gaze on the doctor. "Well doctor." He seethed as the restraints had to be tightened, even more.The irritated calm voice of the cloner replied"If u believe he can help,do so. " Then the bastard turned down the corridor towards the operating room.
Anakin along with the remains of his Torrent squad, of the 501st were coming back from Naboo. Leaving Padame, Reaya and enough men for security."How long will they be gone General Skywalker?" Captain Rex questioned. Thumbing his chin Anakin replied,"Its hard to say. Certain things must be put to rest. I'm going to my quarter's, if u should need me."
"Yes general." As Anakin walked away Rex stared out into the vast lonliness of space. He began to walk through their week on Naboo. The sad scene of two women sifting through all that remained of one's family. It had been such a fire, that even the bodies had been cremated inside the flames. During all this Joker had stayed at Lady Reaya's side,had been since her attempted suicide. The trooper had even walked both women into the garden when it had become to much, emotionally for them. His hart-, hart flinched, at the memory.
Rex and Skywalker had informed the detective droids to meld any and everything as the investigation progressed. Looking up from his thoughts, Rex saw Fly Boy's reflecton.
"Yes,trooper."He zei turning."The comm has Commander Flash on line,says its urgent."
"Well finally the bastard's giving up his secret cadet."He smirked confidently."Sir,from all reports,it's nothing good."Fly boy continued."Patch it through.What's the problem Commander?" Rex zei folding his arms across his chest."We've got problems alright! Ahsoka Tano is here." A wild, near primordial scream of pain lashed out behind the Commander. Rex blanched, as many a surprised obscenities resounded through the deck. The com-tech stood up abruptly,"Sir we're recieving reports of Jedi suddenly seizing in pain." Rex sent two trooper's down to Anakin's quarters. Their findings confirmed that even the Chosen One was down for the count."What the Hell is going on Commander?And what do u mean she's there?" Concern pricked his spine.The commander had walked out of the room where the scream had originated from. "Captain this is not something that should be splattered about publicly. Patch me through to your quarters." Commander Flash informed him while wipping sweat from his brow."Yes, sir. Patch it through to my quarters, and get the general a doctor." As his feet ate up the distance to his quarters, he thought . It has to be a mistake, except Flash wasn't in the business of making mistakes. So what the Hell was Ahsoka doing on Kamino. When the amputee base wasn't even in that quadrant.His guts started to twist painfully. A bad omen.
The view monitor was already on when he entered his quarters. Commander Flash's image paced agitatedly in front of an operating room door. Crossing his arms Rex cleared his throat."Now tell me what in kriffing hell is going on,Commander." The image abruptly stopped moving and narrowed its eyes at him."She's here.She's been training here since she was released from duty." Rex's spin tingled at the thought of Ahsoka being there."Has she been hurt? Was there an accident?" Commander Flash's image in it was possible had gone pale.
"The damned cloner's have been experimenting on her.Have been since she arrived.They've been using a complex form of the growth hormone,that we've been engineered with." A scream dented the operating room's door. Interupting whatever Rex was about to say. "Damn it Rex, will u talk to her!" Rex nodded his head as words escaped his mind. "I have to warn u its not pretty." As Flash procceeded to open the door.
"We're soldiers, nothing we ever see is pretty.Forewarned is forearmed." As the door opened, at first he couldn't see anything but the bright lights of the operating room. A scream ripped from Ahsoka's body brought his eyes to the blood covered mess on the slab.Severly strapped down, as her body started cracking.