Obi-Wan and Anakin were in battle with droids when Obi-Wan's daughter Ivory was watching over her dad. Every time this happened, she prayed like crazy hoping he wouldn't get hurt. "Any strategies Master?" Anakin asked impatiently. "Not yet." Obi-Wan answered. "Well I think u better come up with one! NOW!" Anakin yelled. "Just give me a moment Anakin!" Obi-Wan stated getting agitated. Anakin wanted to slap him upside the head because of the person leading the battle. The person who lead it was Asajj Ventress! Ventress had decided to end her and Obi-Wan's "friendship" for no apparent reason. She obviously ended it because he was a Jedi. "Have u thought about something on taking Ventress down?" Anakin asked. "It's in the process." Obi-Wan answered. Ivory hoped he'd come out of this possible duel alive.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't Kenobi." Ventress mocked. "What a pleasant surprise Ventress!" Obi-Wan replied sarcastically. "I see u got the idea of our little "truce" being over." Ventress mocked again. "That was a one-time thing." Obi-Wan replied. "Really? I also think that too!" Ventress stated while going into a duel with Obi-Wan. Ivory was praying HARD as the duel progressed. Suddenly, Ventress Forced-chocked Obi-Wan and used the Force to schommel, swing him like a human rag-doll! She stopped what she was doing to the now unconscious (and gravely hurt) Jedi a moment later. "DADDY!" Ivory yelled. The spirit rushed over to her dad's side as Ventress nearly planned her volgende verplaats on him.

"I'll not let u do any other harm to my father!" Ivory yelled. At that moment, Ventress didn't know what to think. "YOU? A child of Kenobi?" she asked outraged. Ivory shook her head yes. "How impossible!" Ventress mocked once again. "Well it's not!" Ivory stated angrily. "Just like your dumb-founded "father"." Ventress mocked in a very mean way. Ivory then grabbed he dad's lightsaber. "And proud of it!" she shouted. She and Ventress went into a duel of their very own. Ol' Ventress was soon out-numbered because BOY did Ivory have some mean skills! She had learned quickly from her dad. It was only minuten later when Ventress gave up. "I WILL get your father volgende time!" she told the spirit. "You wish!" Ivory replied to herself as the bounty hunter fled. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan was being treated for his injuries in a small medical ship. Ivory rushed over there.

"Daddy?" she zei softly. Obi-Wan slowly regained consciousness. "Why am I not fighting Ventress?" he asked himself. "Daddy, it's me!" Ivory stated joyfully. Obi-Wan's icy blue eyes widened. "IVORY!" he shouted with joy. Ivory hugged her dad. Soon after, Obi-Wan ran his hand throughout the spirits long flowy hair. He was extremely thankful she looked just like her mother-Satine Kryze. "You look just like your mother!" he beamed. Ivory blushed. Anakin came in a minuut later.

"Who is this?" he asked. "If u should know, I'm Master Kenobi's daughter." Ivory answered. Anakin didn't know if he was going to throw up of faint. "Y-you're...His child?" he asked. "I am." Ivory answered. "Isn't she lovely Anakin?" Obi-Wan asked. "Why yes she is." Anakin answered in a manly voice. "I've heard alot about u Skywalker." Ivory stated. Anakin grinned in embarrassment. "Well...You're obviously a Force-ghost...AS a beautiful dame-I mean woman!" Anakin stuttered. "Honestly Anakin! If u knew how to properly talk to her-" Obi-Wan stopped short as he groaned in pain from his injuries. "You need to lay back down Daddy." Ivory zei gently. Obi-Wan did what his little girl said. She ran her hand through her dad's hair.

Anakin had an apologetic look on his face. "It isn't your fault." Ivory zei about his stuttering. "Thank you." Anakin thanked. Ivory smiled. "I was trying not to insult you." Anakin replied. "You didn't." Ivory replied. Anakin took a sigh of relief. "My mother was a great person." Ivory zei as she continued to run her hand through Obi-Wan's hair. "Everyone looked up to her." she continued. "She was a great leader." Anakin zei in a soft tone. "She didn't deserve to die the way she did!" Ivory remarked. "I know. And I rest to reassure u that Maul WILL pay!" Anakin replied. Ivory smiled in thanks.

"My mother was real happy when she found out she was pregnant. As u know she...Miscarried at almost 3 months." she stated. Anakin put a hand on the spirit's shoulder in comfort. "Thank you." Ivory thanked softly. Obi-Wan had fallen asleep to the sound of her voice. "I think he's alright." Anakin zei when he saw Ivory cover her dad up with a blanket. "He's cold as ice!" Ivory pleaded. "He'll be fine in-" "I'm not leaving his side!" Ivory cut him off pleading. "Ivory..." Anakin stopped short when he saw tears in her eyes.

"It's my duty to watch over my father!" she stated. Anakin knew he wasn't going to be able to stop her. "Why are u over-protective of him?" he asked. "Because he would've been the same with me." Ivory answered. Anakin was about to fall out of his seat. Ivory smiled as she heard the soft snores coming from her dad. "I think that he's better." Anakin joked coyly. Ivory just smiled. She left when they got to Coruscant Hospital, knowing her dad would get the right treatment he needed to get better.