"For most of u men this isn't your first time on this bug infested spit of rock. But lets not get sloppy out there, go over their weaknesses and strengths. Hopefully these new gernades don't turn out to be dudds of we'll all be in a lot of trouble." Rex talked to his men as they landed on the sands of Geinosis. Every time they came here he was reminded of the time General Skywalker and Ahsoka had thrown him over the wall. So since then he'd made sure never to eat before coming here. He frowned,as he thought about how morgan had been avoiding his vragen about Ahsoka. Shaking his head, as he stepped off. General Skywalker was splitting up the men into smaller groups. " You're with me, Captain." He zei as they dropped into the temple's underground labrinth. Hours later, as dusk settled over the victorious Republic camp. Captain Rex found himself easing down volgende to one of his new shinnies. "How's the wrist sir?" Shy vos, fox zei fingering his own set of bandages that replaced his hand. Rex snorted." Much better then your's shinny. Does it hurt much?" The kid shook his head. "Nah, the doc gave me a good dose of pain killer. My own damn fault anyways, got careless. Didn't even know I'd lost it til I went back for another. Too damn close when that bugger started its last hurrah."
Rex took one from his riem looking for the insignia that the creator usually stamped on it.
"Arcane must be getting sloppy, there's no mark on these." Rex stated. Shy vos, fox grinned.
"Heard from a buddy back home. These aren't Arcane's at all but some upper classmen's." That caught Rex's attention immediately. He'd talked to Commander Flash just before leaving Courasaunt. " Bastard's hidding his prize student from me." Shy vos, fox quirked up an eyebrow. " 'Ole-Roll-a-Round'? Yah, he likes his surprises. I could call my buddy, say's he's in with the trooper's group?" Rex thought about it and then let it go. " Not right now, but at graduation. Make sure your buddies front and center. I'll take the whole group." With that he helped up the shinny. Who saluted and then ambled off to find a radio. Commander Cody nodded to the saluting shinny, before continuing on to Rex. " Quite the night isn't it. No meer bugs to worry about, just deciding on where to build a base." Cody smiled as they began to walk the perimeter."Heard u ran into some trouble up top." Rex said.Cody frowned. "We lost a lot of jedi. Clanker's had force sensitive mines. Had to send the general's away as soon as we found out. Thank the maker's, u boy's took out their queen. Otherwise it may have been a much different outcome." He looked at his brother's bandaged writst. Rex spun out his right DC from his holster. " Believe me it wasn't something I was looking vooruit, voorwaarts to. Skywalker popped me up above the damn thing while I rained down hell from above." They walked in silence for some time, checking on the groups of guards keeping an eye on the night life. Cody peered at his compatriot, he shook his head frowning. " Can u stop thinking about her for a minute?" Rex stopped dead and blinked at him. " She should've been here. I still feel responsible for what happened."
Anger tweaked Cody." She was an unusual padawan I grant you, but she's not your responsiblity. Never was." For a brief moment he walked vooruit, voorwaarts before storming back. "Can u tell me, that she would have truely and deeply cared if you'd been the one out there instead of her. Don't be stupid man. She'd never leave that cold and calculating Order for someone like you. Its just not in them, so the sooner u come to realize that the better."
Rex took it all in, was that the reason why morgan avoided answering him about Ahsoka.
Had her feelings changed? No. morgan would've been as open as when she'd first told him about her feelings towards him. Over a yr ago, but there had been no reporting since. Cody watched the play of emotions on the man's face, feeling like a complete arse. He sighed. " I'm sorry, but I don't want u placing your hart-, hart into something that won't return the feeling." Rex growled," Ahsoka's not a thing and whoever I desire is none of your concern."
Cody bristled back." Desire is one thing,but falling in love is another. We aren't built to last. We maybe have another 10 yrs. before were considered useless." Cody stomped off, Rex considered what his brother had said. It was true, he'd never last as long as Ahsoka would. If the war ended tommorrow. He snorted. Not likely. The tinnies had shown some new creative genius in those new mines, hopefully morgan could help. He smiled, he seemed to be the only one other then Ahsoka who even knew morgan was Arcane. He laught as he approached his grouchy brother. Imagine if they knew Arcane was a red headed, slinky, short, woman. Instead of some recluse male genius. Still laughing he clapped his brother on the shoulder." Lets go see if we can empty out the pockets of some of the men. Shall we?"
Cody relaxed, still concerned but relaxed. Both men went in zoek of willing victims.