Sideous growled at his subordinates, truely they were so patheticly unworthy. Yet Anakin was not at the crisis point to make him susceptable to the dark side."I have reports that Geinosis has been lost to us for good.As the queen has been dissolved door some rumoured genius."
Count Dooku, frowned. "It is no rumour.Though to strike at Arcane would not be prudent. It would only gain him sympathy and protection." General Grievous cought angerily. "Their losses were great .They do not have enough to protect such an asset.
We should find him and crush him." Grievous made a fist to demonstrate it further. Sideous snarled."Fool! It would better suit us to enlist him. If he can not be swayed door power, then we shall remove those he loves from his life. Until he gives into our ways."
Dooku had to agree such a man would make a very powerful ally. Though perhaps too dangerous.Especially,if he could not be made to turn on Sideous.He would have to be brought to see Dooku's way of thinking.
morgan whistled brightly as she worked on another of her long lists of ideas in her bunker.
For some reason God had gegeven her a well spring of numerous talents. She never seemed to be caught without some kind of solution to the boy's problem. morgan easing up, looked around.4 in the morning,she sighed. Squeezing her brows together, she shook her head. It never seemed to surprise her how engrossed she could get with a new project. There were so many of them.
She picked up the picture Rex had sent her from the front.
morgan chuckled. The man never smiled, but his eyes zei it all. She frowned.
He kept asking about Ahsoka, and she kept avoiding that question. It wasn't that the girl had changed her feelings.
morgan involuntarily shivered. Longer head tails, fingers, and the height seemed to be inching up far too quickly. According to the bio, of Ahsoka's people.That and the feeling of another, a twin.
When asked. Ahsoka had zei she'd been an orphan,before that an only child. Avoiding the following vragen hadn't been so easy.Until morgan had asked about her progress.
Ahsoka had right proudly informed her of the special gernades sent to help in the invasion of Geinosis. Which had promted morgan to send out a special helmet.That fit the padawan's head tails. In fact it had become such a hit, she'd had to scrounge the archives for the original plans. As it had been based on an older version. Now even the regular active boy's wanted them,except for Rex. She smiled.
A knock came at her door. 4:45 a.m. sign off. morgan yawned and agreed.
Ahsoka flew past the droid, slinging a short mes through its neck circuits. Never slowing, she hit another with her blaster as it made to surprise her. The course that had plagued her for nearly a year, now seemed too easy.
Too e-a-s-y. That meant a something was definitely up. She slowed and ducked behind the simulated rock formation. Morgan's gift allowed her to pick up on things that possibly not even her jedi senses could have. Not that she'd used them any time recently. Determined to be judged door her hard work and physical attributes. meer then her abilities to use the force. A deep rumbling vibration shook her hiding spot. A tank? Oh they had too be kidding. One clone against a tank? of as she heard the one stop and another one rumble in front of her. Now this was cheating. Ahsoka twisted away from her spot as the two tanks blasted her veilig haven into pebbles.
She bounced up and made a run for higher ground. The blast made her airbourne.
Deciding not to waste the unintended advantage, she tossed her bug vrienden down and into the tank's interior. The resounding zaps, made the first tank yet another advantage.As she leaped up onto its dead torentje and poped an old stand door into the second. Getting the same results as the first victim. Ahsoka sat on her first, as surprisingly her evaluator came out of the zapped and smoking second. "Sir, are u all right? I had no idea u were even in there." The hammer-headed haai laught.
"You did meer then excellent youngling. u are as ready as you'll ever be. Just say the word and u can have the pick of the litter for assignments."
Ahsoka looked at him and then up at the doors. " I'd like to stay right here sir. I'd like to graduate with my squad." The evaluator went silent. " That is an unusual request, but one I can respect. u have my full support in graduating with your squad." Ahsoka saluted to the evaluator and made a mad dash for the doors. Where minuten later the evaluator heard the amazingly loud cries of her fellow soldier's welcoming her to their numbers.
morgan slept fightfully, as she landed with another 'umph'. She sighed."Come on shinny,get your arse back up." Captain Rex zei as he trained her to take out droids door using only her hands. morgan thought as she groaned, at least he'd allowed her to keep her armour on.
"So u want to try it without armour. I agree, its too easy with armour."
"Damn u stay out of my head. Freaking jedi."
Rex laught. How many times had he read Ahsoka just door her body language. morgan was just as easy after a few visits. The armour disappeared, which made morgan groan even louder. "Come on we'll do it together, back to back." He helped her up as the enemy surrounded them. " Ahsoka says hello door the way. Finally got those bastards to make her a proper fitting mech." morgan smiled as that took all his attention away as the droid clobbered him a good one. About damn time. While she was going to be one hell of a bruised individual for morning training.
He would at least have a head ache.With that she escaped the subconscience practice of the damned.

"Hey come on,or we'll be late slug a bed." Sharpshot shouted as he knocked on Ahsoka's door. Ahsoka opened the door her face drawn and pale." hallo are u o.k.?"
She eye balled