Charlie Brown was sitting in his beanbag one dag looking for something to watch on TV. He flipped through the channels continuously. Just when he was about to give up, he saw a cool looking spaceship. "WOW!" he gasped in amazement. A titel of the toon came across the screen. It was called "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". Charlie Brown kept it on this channel as his eyes grew big.

Watching season 1-Charlie Brown quickly became fascinated with the Force, lightsabers, and the Jedi. He loved how the characters did different stuff with the Force, how the lightsabers were different colors, and how they had their signature neon glow. And it wasn't long before Charlie picked out his two favoriete Jedi-Obi-Wan and Anakin. Though, some creatures and scenes frightened him, he got over this fast. He didn't understand why Yoda was so tiny. "How can he be that little and live up to about 900 years old?" he asked himself. He also grew a liking to the clones.

Watching season 2-While watching one episode where Obi-Wan reconnects with Satine, Charlie Brown couldn't help but laugh at their arguing. But at the same time, he felt bad for a clueless Anakin. Things turned serious as he watched the episode where Padme was on a secret mission to retrieve a disc, whilst trying to avoid Clovis' pleas to start their relationship back up. When she was poisoned, Charlie Brown literally jumped out of the beanbag. "WHEW!" he sighed as she was gegeven the antidote. Charlie also began to warm up to Ahsoka after she was ordered to stay away from the Jedi field for awhile. Ironically, he didn't wonder about her head-tails of oranje skin!

Watching season 3-Charlie Brown got alittle freaked out when it came to the Mortis episodes. From Anakin and Ahsoka turning to the Dark side, to Anakin seeing his horrible future. Those episodes were a bit too scary for him. However, he DID like the part where Obi-Wan talked to Qui Gon's spirit. He also liked the part where Ahsoka saw her future self. There were SOME parts of the episodes he liked. Although when the 3rd Mortis episode ended, he was quite relieved.

Watching season 4-"I CAN'T STAND IT!" Charlie Brown yelled as Obi-Wan "died". Boy was he shell-shocked when he saw the Jedi still alive. Charlie quickly put the pieces of the puzzle in his head together when Obi-Wan went undercover as Rako Hardeen. "ALRIGHT MASTER WINDU!" he yelled as Mace put the real Rako to sleep door using the Force. Charlie also liked Windu. Anyway, as these episode progressed, he got stunned at how angry Anakin was at Obi-Wan for faking his death. "Please don't be too angry!" Charlie Brown pleaded. He was eased when everything was good again.

Watching season 5-Charlie Brown was fairly disappointed when Obi-Wan and Anakin weren't in some of the episodes. Once the two Jedi were in meer episodes, he was satisfied again. He couldn't help but shed a tear of two when Satine died. He also couldn't help his sudden adrenaline rush when Ahsoka was on the run for being falsely accused of those murders. But what really hurt him was when she didn't return to the Jedi. After this season was over, Charlie Brown couldn't believe the toon ended like that. "I can't believe it!" he zei as he turned off his TV.

Charlie Brown was about to feed Snoopy when Sally entered the kitchen. "What were u watching all day, Big Brother?" she asked. "A fantastic space show." Charlie Brown answered. "No wonder I heard occasional yelling." Sally said. Charlie Brown sighed as he went to feed Snoopy. Snoopy had an impatient look on his face. "I'm sorry I didn't see u today." Charlie Brown apologized. Snoopy casually ate his meal as Charlie Brown went back inside. *Well, I have a new TV toon now.* he thought happily.