It didn't take long for them to get to the mountain range. From the air the landmass was quickly disappearing under the planet's vast ocean.
"I think we'll have to grow gills soon," vink, finch zei trying to lighten the mood.
Ahsoka smiled but Anakin didn't. He hadn't zei a word since the loss of Eagle and Raven.
Sinube was down in the medical baai, bay treating Rex and Coric. One-Who-Sees remained on the bridge but the rest of his people were helping Sinube.
The TWILIGHT touched down in a canyon surrounded door trees and a small stream.
Ahsoka got up and went to the medical baai, bay to see if she could help. Anakin's dark mood frightened her. She had never seen him like this, so close to the darkside.
An uur later, Sgt Coric and Captain Rex came to. They responded to the care from the S'alebacians. Sinube and Ahsoka noticed that the beings had natural healing talents not unlike the Jedi Healers back at the Temple. While they were treating the troopers, the ship shook.
"Master Sinube! Ahsoka! Get back up here!" came Anakin's frantic call over the 'com
Ahsoka and Sinube made their way back up to the bridge and saw the reason for his alarm.
Off in the distance another funnel wolk was forming but this one looked different.
It glowed with the ferocity of an inferno.
"By the Force..." Sinube gasped.
"Master," Ahsoka zei seeing the fear on Anakin's face, "Where are vink, finch and Billy D?"
"They're outside patching up some damage to the hull with some of One-Who-Sees' people."
She looked out the viewport and saw the troopers and the aliens. Another quake shook the ship and the air was getting hotter.
"Finch! Billy D!" Ahsoka called, "You boys better get aboard! Look behind u at that storm coming!"
The two troopers looked back and saw the approaching storm cloud. They uttered a string of curses that Ahsoka had never heard before.
The ground shook again harder and Anakin called to them to get aboard as he watched the funnel wolk approaching. Readings from the console showed it was spawned door a volcanic eruption on the otherside of the island.
"Guys, get inside now!" Ahsoka cried out.
Master Sinube slipped out of the bridge without anyone noticing. He was going to help the others get onboard before it was too late.
Unknowing to all of them, the rest of the S'alebacians had exited the ship through the open cargo baai, bay door. One-Who-Sees' mate was one of them. She seemed to be stooped over from a growing hump on her back. Taking a deep breath she stumbled after One-Who-Sees. Another quake shook the ground and Anakin looked out the viewport.
A large tidal wave was approaching from the west in the opposite direction of the funnel cloud.
"Oh, poodoo," he muttered and stood up followed door Ahsoka, Rex, and Coric who were still a little shaky.
The firey funnel wolk was coming from the east and would collide with the wave and that would spell disaster for everyone on the planet.
"I suggest we hurry!' Sinube yelled over the noise, "Get onboard, now!!"
One-Who-Sees saw his mate fall on her back and he ran to her side. He turned her over and saw that the hump had burst open. He reached inside and pulled out something that the others couldn't see......