Rys, JJeck, Thire -> Season one Disc One "Ambush"
Matchstick, Tag -> Part of Anakin's goud Squad died "Shadow of Malevolence"

Broadside -> lives until movie 4, part of goud Squad in show

Droidbait, Cutup, Heavy, Echo, and Fives -> Season One Disc One "Rookies" (except Droidbait) and Season Three Disc One "Clone Cadets" ; with additional appearance for only Echo in Season 3 Disc 4... see following: Cutup killed door giant eel, Heavy sacrificed himself, Echo killed defending getaway ship "Citadel Rescue"

Niner and Bel ->season one disc two "Lair of Grievous"

Mack-> died in crash: cockpit pilot season one disc three "Gungan General"

Cameron, Lucky and Flesh -> Season One Disc Three "Jedi Crash"
death door griffin things

Hawk,Slick, Sketch, Chopper -> Season one Disc three " Hidden Enemy" (Hawk is a pilot, Slick is the commander and turncoat, Chopper keeps Droid fingers)

Axe, Slammer,Kickback, Swoop, and Tucker -> Season One Disc Four "Storm Over Ryloth" Ahsoka's First Pilot Squad

Waxer and Boil-> Season One Disc Four "Innocents of Ryloth" Season Two Disc Two "Landing at Point Rain" (Waxer dies in
"Carnage of Krell" , Boil is also in "Kidnapped")

Wooley-> no info

Warthog-> Plo Koon's Wingman and Captain of "wolf pack"

Trapper-> sole surviver with Obiwan "Landing at Pt Rain", also in Season Two Disc 4 "Zillo Beast"

Buzz and Gearshift -> Season two disc two "Legacy of Terror"

Pulsar, Scythe, Ox, Edge, Trap and Havoc -> Season Two Disc Two "Brain Invaders"

Jesse, Hardcase, Kix, Crys, and Cut -> Season Two Disc two "Deserter" (Kix is medic, Cut is Deserter, Jesse has a cirkel tattoo, and Hardcase has a lot of energy)

menger, mixer and Redeye -> Season Two Disc Three "Voyage of Temptation"

Spark-> rookie in wing squad season two disc three "Cat & Mouse"

Pons, Hawkeye and Cosmos -> Zillo Beast (Pons killed door Aurra Sing season 2 disc 4 "R2 Come Home"

Whiplash and Jax -> clone cadets in "Deathtrap" Season 2 disc 4

Sarge Crasher -> "Deathtrap" season 2 disc 4

Comet, Sinker, and Boost -> "Padawan Lost" Season Three Disc 4
(Comet is in "R2 Come Home", Sinker and Boost are in Season One Disc One "Rising Malevolence")

99-> maintenance guy in Season Three "Clone Cadets" and "Arc Troopers"

Charger and Longshot -> "The Citadel" Season Three

Tup and Dogma -> "Darkness on Umbara" to "Carnage of Crell" arc (Tup has "samuri" hair-do, Dogma has "blind" loyalty)

Oz and Ringo ->die via mines "Darkness on Umbara"

Valkyrie-> pilot on Season 5 "A war on Two Fronts"

Oddball -> only mentioned in Season 4 and 5

Wedge -> many boeken besides being in movie