Nakoma sat nervously in the Jedi head quarters. She knew she was in DEEP trouble. Anakin was angry at her for doing such a thing. Obi-Wan couldn't believe she didn't listen. Padme tried her best get over the shock. What exactly DID Nakoma do, u might ask? Secretly go out with a Sith Lord!

Dontel seemed to be nice. He was on an undercover mission for the Sith when he met Nakoma. The meer the two got to know each other, the meer Dontel used her as bait for his evil plans! Dontel was just bad news all around. That's just sad because Nakoma liked him. Here's what else is sad, because he only used her and PRETENDED to like her back when he asked her out! The truth is she was just plain unaware of the whole situation.

Anakin knew there was something up with Dontel from the start. Obi-Wan and Padme agreed with him immediately. Nakoma soon found out about the skepticism and told them Dontel was a good guy and to not worry about a thing. Padme reluctantly respected this. Anakin warned Nakoma about his concerns, but this time, she acted like he was completely mental! *She's going to regret her actions!* Anakin thought. Obi-Wan managed to calm him down and told him she'd come to her senses. But she didn't.

Nakoma was awaiting trial when she thought of her family. She thought how distraught her parents were and how Rafe would've reacted as she regretted what she had done. Anakin came in the room angrily. "Let's go." he zei even angrier than he looked. Nakoma got up and followed her betrayed master in the Jedi court room. She later took a zitplaats, stoel facing across from the judge. The trial began.

During the trial, Nakoma was honest and truthful. "Ms. Nakoma Incognito was very unaware of what she was doing at the time." Padme stated in her defense. She was thankful Padme agreed to defend her during the court session. This calmed her down alittle. "Due to the fact that Nakoma was also unaware of no attachments being allowed in the order, we've agreed to let her stay in it." a senator said. Nakoma took a sigh of relief. Anakin soon opened his eyes to the truth.

After the trial was over, Mace stepped outside with Nakoma. "Even though I'm still very dissapointed in you, I want u to know that everyone makes at least one big mistake like this." he reassured sternly. Nakoma nodded and he walked off. "Nakoma!" Anakin yelled. Nakoma forcefully looked in his direction, although she didn't want to. "Boy, do I owe u a HUGE apology." he said. Nakoma felt touched at what her master had just said.

"I'm sorry about turning my back on u this whole entire time! I should've been there for you, no matter how much I was angry!" Anakin apologized. "I should've listened to u when u told me Dontel was bad news." Nakoma zei in sign language. Anakin pulled her into a tight hug. "I'll never leave u in the dark again!" he confessed. Nakoma returned the hug in thanks.

Although the trial was successful, there were still some consequences. Nakoma was ordered to stay away from the field for 3 months. During that time, she was assigned to record keeping. It got boring at times, but she thought it was better than being expelled from the order. Dontel was sentenced to life in the Jedi prison after his plans were found out. His plans were killing every Jedi. Nakoma, now hating Dontel, had learned a very valuable lesson-never datum a Sith-related person and never datum until you're out of the order.