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hallo everyone this is my first attempt at a real fanfic hope u enjoy. This is dedicated to my padawan learner GalindaGirl who came up with the idea i really hope u enjoy it.

Anakin walked the halls of the jedi temple in trying to be extra quite. The sun wasn't out yet and most jedi were either sleeping of in deep medatation. He made his way to his padawan, Ahsoka's quaters. Once he made it there he knocked on her door.
A sleepy-eyed Ahsoka opened the door half way. She was surprised to see her master there so early. "Master" she zei sleeply, "what are u doing here is everything alright" Anakin smiled at his very obviously sleepy padawan "Everything is fine snips" he zei "actually we have been summoned door the council."
Ahsoka's face immediatly turned to a big smile all hints of sleepness were gone replaced door excitement "This early yay it must be a mission why else would they call us this early" Anakin again smiled he remembered being this excited when summoned to the council in hopes of a mission but he bit back his excitment and replied as his master did when he was younger saying "We shall see" Ahsoka lauged "skyguy u arn't fooling me i know very well that your just as excited as i am" Anakin gave her a look then zei "It doesn't matter u best be getting dressed and ready we shouldn't keep the council waiting" "of course master" ahsoka zei "give me two minuten and i will be out." she went back in to get dressed. Anakin waited for her.
When she came back out they walked over to the council room in silence together. When they got there the full coucil was assembled waiting for them. They both bowed to the jedi masters in respect "Good morning masters" they both zei in unison. Windu replied "Good morning, Thank u for seeing us so early." Yoda zei "An urgent mission we have for you, Disappeared two senators have." Ki-adi-mundi continued "Their dissapperacnce came at a strange time, both of them were to make an important speech against the banking clan imposing tougher rules." Find the senators and whose behind their disapperance u must"
"Understood master." Anakin replied. "You two won't be going alone" zei windu. Anakin nodded "is obi-wan going with us" he zei hopefully. Windu nodded "yes he is, we have already briefed him. He is researching and breifing the clones that will also accompany u which includes rex and his men and cody and his" Anakin nodded "great. We will head to obi-wan right away masters" "not so fast young skywalker" zei windu " one meer person will be accomping u on this mission" Anakin gave him a confused glance "who might that be master" Yoda zei "not to worry know her well u do senator Amidala it is."
Anakin surprised ahsoka door yelling out "WHAT, Why masters don't u understand that this mission can very well be dangerous why would u risk another senator especially Padme uh.. I mean Senator Amidala its pretty obivious that the banking clan is behind this and Senator Amidala has delt with them in the past and lets say things didn't go very well" "know that we do but thats part of the reason why decided we have that senator Amidala accompanies u she knew both of the senators very well as well as having experince with the banking clan." yoda zei " we thought it best to have a senator tag along and she makes the best choice as the reasons yoda zei as well as the fact that she knows both u and obiwan and ahsoka very well" windu replied "and don't worry she has u and obiwan and ahsoka and the clones to look after her not to mention she has demonstrated her skills with a blaster i think she will be fine." Anakin, still not convinced it was the best idea, bowed and zei obediantly " yes masters." Windu zei "You are to meet up with obi-wan immediatly following this meeting then u all will go meet up with padme at the senate building." Anakin and Ahsoka bowed "yes masters" "your dismissed"windu replied "may the force be with you." Anakin and Ahsoka both left the coucil room and headed toward obiwans location.
posted by lovingflame
morgan opened her green eye's to the darkened scene. Nothing was meer dramatic then Stone Hinge on a blue moon night. One could almost believe that at any moment druid's would suddenly appear. She snorted,not likely in this age. Tears blurred her vision as she removed her wedding ring and kissed the foto of her family one meer time before she hit the vehicles accelorator. Soon her life and its pain of seperation would be over as the monolith came ever closer.
The Chu unthor floated peacefully through the stars of as it could with a war going on.Meditating Master Yoda felt a power colide with...
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Anakin and Obi-Wan were on a ship. It had been 7 hours since the battle of Kamino and they needed some rest. Then all of the sudden a Separatist kruiser came out of hyperspace accidentally ramming the hyperdrive. The Ships navicomputer made a random jump to a strange planet. The planet was called Tython.

Anakin and Obi awoke from their sleep to find themselves on a planet. A very strange planet...
"Where are we?"grunted Anakin tiredly.
"I do not know and the force it seems powerful... Much meer powerful then normal."said Obi-Wan.
"Why dont we check it out then?" zei Anakin.
"I'm anxious for fight...
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AN: This part of the movie will be all about 2 couples. Rex and Ahsoka, Quinlan and Barriss.


Barriss and Ahsoka are both in the mess hall eating "Jedi Surprise". It's a meal cooked door jedi. Surprisingly, it was good.

Barriss: Wow. This is *takes a bite* this is good!

Ahsoka: Yeah, but it needs a little 'something'.

Ahsoka pours something sweet on the belegd broodje, sandwich and takes a bite out of it.

Barriss: What is that?? *takes a bite*

Ahsoka: Ssshhh. I got it from the kitchen.

Barriss: u mesn u stal it??

Ahsoka: Maybe. *looks back* Oh. *teasingly*...
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The Twileks had escaped to the mountains,and Jedi Master Di and Clone Captain Keeli with their platoon of troopers stood to face the droid onslaught. Their objective:Buy the Twileks enough time to escape.
"Remember We need to buy as much time for the Twileks as possible" Di reminded his men.
"Yes Sir" replied Cove a trooper. The droids were advancing. Di jumped out from behind a large rock.
"For the Republic! For the Twileks!" Di said.
And with that signal the platoon jumped out from behind cover and opened brand on the droids. Cove jumped out with his blaster but right when he popped out a Super...
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Ahsoka is chatting with Barriss.


Ahsoka: Hey, hey!

Barriss: Hello!! What's your agenda for this week?

Ahsoka: Not much. Monday: Training. Tuesday: Training. Wednesday: Training. Thursday: Training. OH! And Friday is training!! But Saturday is my birthday!

Rex is listening to their conversation from the door.

Ahsoka: I can't wait!! I'm turning 17!!!

Barriss: I'm very happy for you!!

Ahsoka: See ya!!

Rex hears her turn the PC off and runs away.

~THE volgende 6 DAYS~

Padme: Ahsoka!! Come with me!! Were having pizza in the cafeteria!!

Ahsoka: OMG!! Really??

They both run to the cafeteria.

Everyone in...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
I am a proud supporter of all these fan Couples in the ster Wars: The Clone Wars series:


BarrissXQuinlan: u will see them in my series called RexXAhsoka! :)

MonXBail: IDK :P

EethXAdi: They look cute.

MaulXRiyo: Darth Maul is the new sith apprentice of Count Dooku. Riyo is a senator they will be together in my RexXAhsoka series.

AnakinXPadme: I know they're a real couple, but they're SO cute!!!


Because in my series they have a hidden realtionship that only Barriss, Rex and Ahsoka know about. It's about to get way BETTER!!!
It was late, at least according to Ahsoka.
She was waiting, waiting for the right time to toon up and go to Rex's dorm.
She wore her maroon robe, over her PJ's.
Before she got there, she decided to talk to Barriss on Video Chat.


Ahsoka: Barriss, Barriss are u there?

The screen turns black.

Barriss: Hey, Ahsoka! I thought u were going to see Rex tonight.

Ahsoka: I'm on my way.

Barriss: Oh.

Ahsoka: Where are you? I can't see you.

Barriss: Under the desk.

Ahsoka: Why?

Barriss: Just watch.

Barriss stands up and turns the webcam on.
Ahsoka sees a girl in a purple jumpsuit with short purple hair.

Ahsoka: Wow! Barriss, u REALLY changed.

Barriss: I know. I love it.

Barriss twirls to toon Ahsoka her whole outfit.

Ahsoka turns the PC off. And opens the door.
She gets to Rex's dorm and looks up at him.

Rex: Hello, love.

Ahsoka: *romantically* Hey.

They kiss.
They let go.

Rex: Well, we have a game of monopoly and "Rescue R2d2".

Ahsoka: Kay. Let's play.
When Ahsoka got to her quarters, she immediately went on a chat line. She put her bluetooth on and logged in. She looked for Barriss's username.

OffeeBarriss logs on.

OffeeBarriss: Hello!

TanoGal17 logs on.

TanoGal17: Barriss! Oh my god, I can't believe I'm talking, er, chatting with u again.

OffeeBarriss: IKR? I missed you! :(

TanoGal17: IK. I did 2. But the thing is that Anakin made me choose a different outfit. But I <3 it!

OffeeBarriss: Really? Well, I'm happy 4 U! I haven't put mine on yet.

TanoGal17: Why? It's probably great!

OffeeBarriss: Well, I, uh, can't. I don't fit in it yet....
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It's been quite a while since Ahsoka has seen Rex. They missed each other in the war. But now Ahsoka was going to come back from the war, although it never ended yet.

Ahsoka was on the Twilight ship with Anakin. They have gotten older, so they grew out of their old outfits and picked new ones. They landed on Coruscant and all the clones waited for their arrival.

Ahsoka: Oh my god. I can't belive that I'm going to Rex aga- *she stopped* Uhh, I mean the clones.

Anakin: Yeah, sure. door the way, u look great.

Ahsoka: Thank you, Anakin.

Anakin was surprised. He's never heard her say his real name. Now...
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This was a sad part. I love it when Anakin hugs Ahsoka!!!
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Okay,I have an awesome episode idea came to mind. What if in a Clone Wars episode, Ahoska get suspious if her Master, becuase he seems to be acting strangely and unormal on a misson. And the reason of his strange behaviour, is becuase of who is on this misson with them, the one and only, Padme' Amidala, (did I spell the name right)? Anakin seems to act diffrent around her, and Ahoska notices. And Ahoska decides to vraag her Master . . . Hm, what would he do and say? This is an idea and I wanted to know what other fans thought. So, what do u think?
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