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BLAMargera123 posted on Dec 24, 2010 at 12:09AM
Yeah.. ya know just make a clone trooper and stuff NO JEDI SITH MANDOLORIANS OR MANDALORIANS!! Just Clones! anyways this is how you make it:
Number: (or nickname)
Type: (Trooper, ARC, Assassins, Commando, Blaze, Covert Ops, ARF, Scout, Cold Assault, Pilot, or SCUBA.)
Specialty: (Hacker, Sniper, Demolitions, or Special Ops)
Hair Style:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
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een jaar geleden BLAMargera123 said…
Number: CC-0122 "Steel"
Rank: Commander
Type: ARC
Specialty: Special Ops
Hair Style: Regular with Beard
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Description: Wears Phase II Armor, wears a Kama & Pauldron, has Dark Red Markings on his Chest, Arms, Legs, & Kama, has a picture that resembles a crow on the top of his helmet, and wears a custom made Energy Gauntlet on his Right Arm.
Weapon(s): DC-17 Hand Blaster & DC-15S Blaster Rifle.
History: His Training on Kamino was Massively Amazing, He was a Great Strategist, can make a droids head fly off, helping his entire team, these actions gave him special training by the ARC Troopers making him the Best, most clones call him Immortal on account of so many Gunship Incidents, he made a Team called Deadmen Battalion Bringing in the Best Clones in the Republic, he taught his troops his ways making them a Lethal Battalion.
Likes: Destroying
Dislikes: Super Battle Droids
Squad: Deadmen Battalion
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een jaar geleden BLAMargera123 said…
big smile
you guys dont have to be shy
een jaar geleden chambo9 said…
number:zz-0329 "chambo"
rank: captain
hair style::spiked
hair colour:blonde
eye colour: green
description:his helmet has a radio behind his ear and a light blue slash from head to chin. his body armour has a handprint for bravery, on his hands he has pockets that hold droid poppers, he has a jet pack,weapons:booster rifle, dc-15 blaster
history:his republic gunship got shot down at the battle of geonosis he was the only survivor in his squad, the bravo six squad needed a comander so he joined them, after the incedent at geonosis he got his handprint for bravery
squad:bravo six
dislikes:the night
comander of squad:chambo
een jaar geleden pumaturtle said…
Number: CC-0243 "Psycho"
Rank: Corporal
Type: Trooper
Specialty: Commando
Hair Style: Normal
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Description: Scar on left side of face, arm and face tattoos, Blue Armor Markings
Weapon(s): Standard issue Rifle with modifications
History: Participated in numerous battles, including Geonosis, Muunilist, Hypori
Likes: Joking with friends, Killing stuff
Dislikes: Pink, Purple, Jedi
Squad: Echo-33
Commander(s): CC-021 "BlackJack"
een jaar geleden mandalorianooi said…
Number: CC 10-2731 (Killzone)

Rank: Commander

Type: Special Division

Specialty: Multipurpose Division

Hair Style: Normal

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Description: Killzone is the acting commander of a special division named Zillo Battalion, a unit that comprises of only 95 specially trained clone troopers, 4 clone lieutenants and Commander Killzone himself. All troopers of the division were issued with a Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, RPS-6 Rocket Launcher, and twin DC-17 hand blasters. The unit was named after a legendary beast, the Zillo beast which was almost impossible to kill due to it's armor thickness. The beast symbolizes that Zillo battalion is unstoppable. Killzone dons the phase two armor similar to the ARC Troopers. His boots are red in color. His armor has a red stripe in the middle of the torso section. He wears a black and red pauldron and a black kama. There is a red stripe to the left on the front of the helmet and a painting of a Zillo Beast on the right side of his helmet.Killzone also carries a communication backpack on his back. He also utilized a range finder for superior accuracy while targeting his enemies.

Weapon(s): DC-15A Blaster rifle with under-barrel grenade launcher, DC-15S Blaster, twin DC-17 Hand Blasters.

History: Killzone is a gifted clone marksmen in his early days when he was a clone cadet. When all his team members were pinned down in the simulation, he single handed took down every single simulator battle droid with his DC-15S Blaster, one shot each. The drill sergeant was impressed by the clone's accuracy and was selected to receive ARC Trooper training. After the training was completed, his drill sergeant placed him in charge in training 99 other clone tropers and forming a special division known as the Zillo Battalion.

Likes: Seeing the reaction of other battle droids when he took out the head of the first droid in one shot, at least 500 meters away.

Dislikes: When the action is over and he got no target to point his blaster at.

Squad: Zillo Battalion.

Commander(s): -

Motto: "One shot. One Kill."
een jaar geleden bigfoot7533 said…
number: 23.11.97 sports
rank: genarel
type: Arc/ cold assalt
specilty: Sniper
hair style: Normal
hair color: Brown
eye color: Blue/ green
description:Will never give up and is bossy.has green and blue pads
weapons: sniper rifle
likes: being in a good hiding place
dislikes: being on the front line
squad: bravo 6/ echo 33
commanders: echo, fives and c. cody
motto: One giant leap takes 2 steps back.

een jaar geleden lopeza6 said…
Wait where can i make this?
een jaar geleden marvel517639 said…
big smile
number: r32667
rank: captain
type: arc
hair stly: normal
hair color: black
eye color: blue
descrpiption: never leave a man behind
weapons: sniper/ machine gun
likes: to talk crap
squad: ahsoka tano's first sqaud
name is Captain Gunner
een jaar geleden mudzog30 said…
hair style:veteran
hair color:brown
eye color:green
description:eyepatch over left eye.(amputated after a genosian attack).Has very high physique and muscularity.Republic symbol tattoo on right pectoral.
likes:causing pain and suffering and enduring it.
squad:echo-7 led by General Kota
een jaar geleden BLAMargera123 said…
Number: CT-5021 "Brute"
Rank: Lieutenant
Type: Trooper
Specialty: Berserker
Hair Style: Short
Hair Color: Dark Blond
Eye Color: Blue
Description: Wears Phase II Armor, wears Belt with 5 Ammo Clips attached to it, has Dark Blue Markings, has a marking of a skull on his helmet, keeps the Crow Insignia on his Left Bicep, and has scars on his Left Cheek, and his Nose.
Weapon(s): Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, DC-17 hand blasters, Combat Knife, PLX-1 Portable Missile Launcher.
History: On Kamino He Shredded through every Practice Droid on the Ground even if he got shot it wouldnt take him down, amazed by Brutes Talent Commander Steel enlisted him to join his Battalion and be his Second in Command.
Likes: Destroying Battle Droids
Dislikes: Running out of Ammo
Squad: Deadmen Battalion
Commander(s) Commander Steel
NOTE!!!: dis is meh cousins crap YALL!!!! so dun go bout hoppin on yo MERCEDES and say "OOH DUMBA DUMBA COOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!" dis mah cousins YAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!)
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een jaar geleden Manhunter108 said…
Commander Scar
real name: Devin Fett
Clone name: cc1246
Likes: his squad cody ashoka
dislikes: droidekas sith lords rex.
weopons:rifle pistols and vibro blade
squad: 112th attack army and a group called blood hunters
een jaar geleden maddog1957 said…
Number: CC-5452 "Breaker"
Rank: Commander
Type: Commando
Specialty: Hacker
Hair Style: Shaved
Hair Color:
Eye Color: Brown
Description: Has yellow armor with a blue kama and pauldron with burn marks on his armor from a gunship incident
Weapon(s): Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon, 2 DC-15 Blaster pistols
History: Was in countless battle like Battle Of Geonosis, And Battle of Kashyyyk
Likes: Out on the front lines, Blastin' droids
Dislikes: Droidekas "Rollies"
Squad: Alpha Squad
Commander(s): -
een jaar geleden BLAMargera123 said…
Number: CT-2569 "Red"

Rank: Private

Type: Trooper

Speciality: Demolitions

Hair Style: Mohawk

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Red (Right Eye) Brown (Left Eye)

Description: Wears Phase II Armor, has a red line going down his helmet, has Red Markings on his Chest Plate, Arms, and Legs, has the Crow Insignia on his Right Pectoral.

Weapon(s): DC-15A-Blaster Rifle & DC-15S-Blaster Rifle.

History: On Kamino him and His Brother Blue fought side by side in training, on there first mission Red & Blue had to fight on Geonosis, on Geonosis were Steel & Brute, amazed by Red & Blue fighting together Brute asked them to join Deadmen Battalion. They Accepted and now they fight for Deadmen Battalion.

Likes: Himself, Guns, & Fighting

Dislikes: Not Shooting

Squad: Deadmen Battalion

Commander(s): Commander Steel & Lieutenant Brute
Number: CT-2469 "Blue"

Rank: Private

Type: Trooper

Speciality: Hacker

Hair Style: Short

Hair Color: Blue

Eye Color: Brown (Right Eye) Blue (Left Eye)

Description: Wears Phase II Armor, Has a Blue Mark going from left & Right on his helmet, has marks on his Chest Plate, Arms, & Legs, has Crow Insignia on his Left Pectoral.

Weapon(s): DC-15A Blaster Rifle & DC-15S Blaster Rifle

History: on Kamino He and His Brother Red were side by side in the simulator, He was Brains & Red was Brawn, On Geonosis Red & Blue got enlisted by Brute of Deadmen Battalion. So Red & Blue fight for Deadmen Battalion

Likes: Hacking, Winning, Proving a Point

Dislikes: Red(sometimes), Losing, NOT Proving a Point

Squad: Deadmen Battlion

Commanders: Commander Steel & Lieutenant Brute
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een jaar geleden kikibibi said…
Type: Pilot
Hair Style: Buzz Cut
Eye Color: Brown
Description: Pretty nice, Doesnt talk much lets his flying do the talking
Weapons: Any ship u put in front of him
Likes: 2 surprise people with his flying skills
Dislikes: when fellow clones die
een jaar geleden ato3000 said…
Number: CC-9002
Rank: Captain
Type: ARC
Specialty: Hacker
Hair Style: Normal
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Description: Nice, likes to trick droids by hacking their turrets, likes to hang out with other clones, wears phase II armor and has blue streaks on all of his armor. Helmet has a range finder and armor has kama and shoulder pauldron.
Weapon(s): DC-15A Blaster Rifle, DC-15S Blaster, Dual DC-17 Blaster Pistols
History: Kamino was a pretty nice facility to Bravo. He went through numerous training courses in arc trooper time. Bravo was always working on computers and the Kaminoans saw trained him in hacking, hoping he would turn out to be a fantastic hacker.
Likes: Destroying droids and hanging out with clone trooper friends
Dislikes: Losing the war and Jedi that are jerks
Squad: Torrent Squad
Commander(s): Captain Rex(not commander)
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een jaar geleden BLAMargera123 said…
Number: CT-2399 "Cyclops"
Rank: Private
Type: Trooper
Speciality: Sniper
Hair Style: Normal
Hair Color: Black, Graying
Eye Color: Green
Description: Wears an Eyepatch on his right eye, Wears Phase II Armor, has Dark Yellow Marks going down his Arm Plates, His Chest Plate, and his Leg Plates, has a microbinocular attachment on his Helmet, has a Dark Yellow mark going down the right side of his helmet, has the Crow Insignia on his Stomach Plate, and wears a Republic Backpack.
Weapon(s): DC-15A Sniper Rifle DCA-15 Blaster
History: on Kamino he was in a Bad Mood ever since a Training Accident making him have only one eye, in training he was a Masterful Shot with a Sniper, on the Battlefield Steel saw Cyclops shoot six Super Battle Droids in 1 shot, Steel Enlisted Cyclops into Deadmen Battlion giving the team their Sniper.
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Battle Droids
Squad: Deadmen Battalion
Commander(s): Commander Steel & Lieutenant Brute
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een jaar geleden BLAMargera123 said…

Number: CT-2221 "Doc"
Rank: Medical Officer
Type: Trooper
Speciality: Medic
Hair Style: Regular
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Description: Wears Phase II Armor, has a Red Cross on his Right Shoulder Plate, has the Crow Insignia on his left forearm, has the number 2 on his helmet, has Light Blue Markings on his Arms, Legs, Chest Plate, Helmet, and Wears a Republic Backpack carrying his Medical Tools.
Weapon(s): DC-15S Blaster Rifle
History: On his times on Kamino he mostly helped injured clones in The Training Bay, on Geonosis Steel got Injured and Doc came along and helped him, Steel asked Doc to join on account of his medical Expertise, He Accepted and now he fights and Helps with Deadmen Battalion.
Likes: Planets
Dislikes: Being Shot
Squad: Deadmen Battalion
Commander(s): Commander Steel & Lieutenaut Brute

LISTEN! to all the people reading this wanting to post a character or someone that made there own you guys can make more ya know look at me! i am shredding right outta you guys with characters it hurts!
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een jaar geleden Manhunter108 said…
Clone Sniper Raz
Clone number: CC 12106
Weopons: sniper rifle pistol grenades vibro blade and grapling hook
Armor type: Prottype sniper armor
Hair: spiked brown hair
Eyes: brown
skin: tan
Trooper type: Clone sniper Arc
Likes: Scar, Anakin,112th his sniper rifle
Dislikes: Droidekas, Super battle droids

 Clone Sniper Raz Clone number: CC 12106 Weopons: sniper geweer-, geweer pistol grenades vibro blade and grapl
een jaar geleden rexsgirl123 said…
I'd be Captain Rex.
een jaar geleden BLAMargera123 said…
this aint an idea for a roleplay lil girl im just asking my friends what they would be like if they were clones.
een jaar geleden Valorthefallen said…
Clone number: 1134 "Bomber"
Rank: captain
Speciality: demolitions
Weopons: twin dc17 pistols and grenade launcher
Hair: bed head style
Color of hair: black
Eyes: only one eye and it's red
Likes: Anakin, Xanatos and scorch also blowing shit up
Dislikes: droidekas
Type: commando
Armor: commando armor
History: Bomber has a fiery temper and enjoys picking on his fellow squad mates (except Scar) he was shot and killed on Kamino when the empire invaded.
een jaar geleden captainrexbest said…
Number: cc-1998 "Quay"
Specialty: demo, hacker
Hair Style: military cut with violet stripes running along the edges
Hair Color: black
Eye Color:brown
Description: violet stripes on armor wears kamas and pauldron
Weapon(s):twin pistols, rifles, dc-15
History:not much of a history i did just make him up i'll get back to you on that
Likes:music and torturing rex
Dislikes: rex
Squad:Viola Squad
Commander(s):General Watts (that's me)
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een jaar geleden rexsgirl123 said…
why would quay do that!?
een jaar geleden supman said…
Number: CT-9-8453 "Tup"
Rank: Corporal
Unit: 501st
Hair Style: Pony Tail
Eye color: Brown
Armor: Blue Stripes on armor with a tear under his Right Eye
Weapon: D-15 blaster rifle
Background: Trained under kamino as a tough soldier
Likes: Making jokes
Dislikes: sepratists
Generals: Skywalker and Tano
Also he has the tatoo of a tear under his Right eye as well TEEHEE!
een jaar geleden supman said…
Number: CS-9-4325 "Jatt"
Rank: Sergeant
Unit:41st Elite Corps
Hair Style: Tri-Hawk
Eye Color: Blue
Armor: Green looking cut shapes
Weapon: Flamethrower
Background: was number 2 in training armor for Alpha Squad in yellow armor but was the only survivor when General Grievous attacked on the first day on Kashyyyk. Gree saved him and brought him in to the 41st.
Likes: Torching sepratists
Dislikes: General Grievous
Generals: Yoda and Luminara Unduli
His death happened in 19 BBY when he chose to betray order 66. He was hunted down and killed by Gree
een jaar geleden JaLawBooks said…
Number: CC-4517
Name: Jade
Rank: Lieutenant
Type: ARC
Specialty: Squad Leader
Description: Good leader
Weapon: DC-15A
Likes: A job well-done
Dosen't like: Soldiers messing around
Squad: Torrent Squad
een jaar geleden JaLawBooks said…
big smile
Hey guys this is an Excel sheet of characters i'm making for a book, dunno if i'll open book to public, but anyway these are the characters and yes i know some aren't clones but just bare with me

Number Name Nickname Rank Squad Role Prim­ary Weapon Secondary Weapon Tertiary Weapon Trooper Type Armor Colour Species Gender Personality
CC-4517 Jade One-Seven Lieutenant Torrent­ Le­ade­r D­C-1­5A ­Twi­n DC-17 n/a ARC Red Clone Male Leader, takes charge
N-42 Barca Four-Two Corporal Torrent Slic­er ­DC-­15A­ DC­-17­ n/­a A­RC ­Pur­ple­ Cl­one­ Ma­le ­Tec­hni­cal­, leader
CC-5972 Marek Seven-Two Corporal Torrent ­Dem­oli­tio­ns ­DC-­15A Blaster DC-17 n/a Trooper Red Clone Male E­xpl­osi­ve, danger close
CC-1777 Jensen Triple-Seven Seargant Torr­ent­ Sn­ipe­r D­C-1­5x Sniper Rifle DC-17 n/a Trooper Red Clone Male Fun­ny guy, class clown
CC-4102 Carson Oh-Deuce Seargant Torrent ­Sli­cer­ DC­-15­A Blaster DC-17 n/a Trooper Green Clone Male­ Te­chn­ica­l, hard-working
CC-4441 Dax Four-One Corporal Torrent Dem­oli­tio­ns ­DC-­15A Blaster DC-17 n/a Trooper Orange Clone Mal­e P­ure brute
RC-1276 Patchy Seven-Six Corporal Viper D­emo­lit­ion­s D­C-1­7M ­DC-­15s Sidearm Vibroblade Commando Purple Clone M­ale­ Fu­nny guy, class clown
RC-3597 Picket Nine-Seven Corporal Viper ­Sni­per­ DC­-17­M D­C-1­5s Sidearm Vibroblade Commando Yellow Clone M­ale­ Te­chn­ica­l, hard-working
RC-1700 Swiper Double-Oh Private Viper Sl­ice­r D­C-1­7M ­DC-­15s Sidearm Vibroblade Commando Purple Clone M­ale­ Si­len­t, stealthy
RC-1950 Klaze Five-Oh Captain Viper Leade­r D­C-1­7M ­DC-­15s Sidearm Vibroblade Commando Green Clone Ma­le ­Lea­der­, takes charge
n/a Horan Vlad n/a Master Viper General Blue Lightsaber Green Lightsaber DC-15s Sidearm Jedi n/a Human Male Calm, focused
n/a Burk Hirkey Hirkey Master Torrent General Blue Lightsaber DC-15s Sidearm n/a Jedi n/a Human Male Dispicable­, brutal, merciless
n/a Vaz Irkin n/a Seargant Torrent Trainer Verpine Sniper Rifle Verpine Shatter Gun Katarn Dagger Mercenary Blue Mandalorian Male Bru­tal­, leader
een jaar geleden alexjere said…
Type: Commando
Specialty: Demolitions
Hair Style:
Hair Color:black
Eye Color:blue
Description:ha a few blaster marks on his armor
Weapon(s):rocket launcheand a Blaster Rifle
History:Was A clone which refused to execute order 66 and was branded a traitor
Likes:Blowing Things Up
Dislikes: Vulture Driods
Commander(s): Obi Wan Kenobi
een jaar geleden somekid315 said…
Number: CT:11-4409 "SpaZ"

Rank: Sergeant

Type: Commando

Specialty: Hacker/Special Ops

Hair Style: Spiked

Hair Color: (Faint) Green

Eye Color: Hazil

Description: Basic light Kartan Class Commando Armor, with neon Green and Orange splattered paint. Rancor tatoo on right uper arm.

Weapon(s): DC-15a, plasma blaster 16-3, recon Z-6 Rotary blaster cannon.

History:Spent less than 1/4 of a year in the simulators and was snt to help a failing squad, he helped them prove ready for a real mision, and was stationed on the plannet Rhen Var. After 2 years there, Spaz and his team were sent to eliminate Jedi on th planet of Taris, but denied and went rouge. after grouping dozens of Jedi, and cloning himself and his squad, many a times, Spaz and his medics came up with armor, that when you are killed, the armor desolves the wearer, and you are rebourn.

Likes: Scraping droids (Clone Wars) Helping/training Jedi (Galactic cival war)

Dislikes: Droidicas (CW) Dark Jedi (GCW)

Squad: Toad I (CW) Galactic Freedom Fighters

Commander(s): Jedi (CW) Himself (GCW)
een jaar geleden somekid315 said…

born: Around 22 BBY.

Died: N/A

Vibro blade out of right armor wrist
een jaar geleden somekid315 said…
Number: CT: 12-2222 "Two dot"

Type: scout

Specialty: Special Ops

Hair: Normal with star fade

Colour: black

Eye colour: brown

Discripttion: normal phase I clone armor, with grey stripes on arms, legs, Helmet, and Two Dots on chst plate.

Weapons: DC-15A rifle, plasma gun

History, was the same as leader CT: 11-4409 (SpaZ)

Likes: His twin

Dislikes:getting separated from his twin

squad: Toad I

Commanders: SpaZ and Commander Brik

Number: CT: 12-3333 "Three dot"

all same as Two dot, but Three dots on chest plate.
een jaar geleden somekid315 said…
Number: CT: 12-4973 "Brik"

Rank: commander

Type: ARC trooper

Specialty: Demolitions

Hair: Brown corn rows

Colour: Brown

Eye colour: brown

Discription: Phase I gunnar armor

Weapons: DC-15A rifl, plasma gun

History: first commander of the failing Toad I squad, bginingly wanted to draft CT: 11-1234 or "Twitch" but found SpaZ, and drafted him instad, despite giving the leader role to SpaZ, Brik was happy to get un-hooked from the simulators, Commander Brik followed SpaZ all the way, and at point 23 BBY, of order 66, had to face against Twitch, (Twitch was also his pod brother) and aventually influenced Twitch and his forces to join the GFF (Galactic Freeddom Fighters)

Likes: Scrapping droids (CW) N/A (GCW)

Dislikes: Bad attitudes, (CW AND GCW)

Squad: Toad I

Commander: Himself and SpaZ
een jaar geleden somekid315 said…
Number: 11-1234 "Twitch"

Rank: Commander

Type: ARC trooper

Specialty: Demolitions

Hair: Corn rows

Colour: Black

Eyes colour: Brown

Discription: Red Phase I gunnar armour

Weapons: DC-15A rifle, plasma gun

History: a lone wolf until getting drafted to help failing squad Th Scrappers Battalion, but failed even though his high skills. after Brik left, Twitch felt jellious, and asked for annother attempt, and passed by 2 points. Twitch and his squad where assined to Bespin, and after months, Twitch and other men left to search for Brik, upon arrival to Rhen Var, the small group was amboshed, and became gramorian slaves. After fighting back, Twitch was found about his disobainig trip to Rhen, and that his entire squad was killed in an attack of barbarians. Furious with himself, Twitch went to his old squads graves every week for 8 months, then order 66 was issued. After being sent to Taris, Twitch found his brother, and became in fluenced that him, and his new squad to join the GFF, and was offered to describe all of his old, dead companions, and they were recreated, and under Twitches command.

likes: Scrapping droids (CW) N/A (GCW)

Dislikes: Bad attitudes (CW-GCW)

Squad: Scrappers battalion, and the Galactic Freedom Fighters.

Commander: SpaZ, Him self.
een jaar geleden somekid315 said…
Number: CT:12-3456
type: trooper
rank: shinny
discription: rookie armour
weapons: plasma blaster, DS-15s blaster rifle
history: sent to help Toad I before order 66 was issued
likes: scrapping droids
dislikes: Droidicas
squad:Topad I
Commanders: SpaZ, Brik,Three dot, Two Dot, Twitch
een jaar geleden Daniel4blue said…
Number: CT-7131, Tyran
Rank: Captain
Type: Commando
Speciality: Special Ops
Hair Style: Mohawk
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Blue
Description: Armour - Standard commando armour, bright blue streaks, blue T-visor
Personality - Independent, obedient
Weapons: DC-15 Blaster Pistols, DC-15S Interchangeable Weapon System
History: Fought in the Battle of Geonosis as a trooper, got promoted to commando three months afterwards. Joined the 501st two weeks after getting promoted. Was stationed on Coruscant when Order 66 was issued. Refused to carry out the order and was shot down in his starfighter while fleeing.
Likes: Heavy weapons, piloting
Dislikes: Fellow soldiers and Jedi getting killed, getting captured
Squad: Torrent Company, the 501st Legion
Commanders: Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex
een jaar geleden hazzirdd said…
Number: cc-2422 "Hazzird"
Rank: caption
Type: Heavy weapons
Specialty: Demolition
Weapons: rocket launcher, flamethrower, mini gun, and blaster pistol
Hair style: double Mohawk
Hair color: red
Eye color: grey
Squad: Elite squad; includes: dodger ( medic), Spree (recon), Hawkeye ( commander)
Description: Upside down spikes painted under visor, side ways "H" on his chest
Commander: Hawkeye
General: Jedi master Eth Coth
Likes: Big explosions, Big guns, Rushing into battle
Dislikes: losing his rocket launcher, running out of ammo, being told what to do
History: many say Hazzirds clone growth tank had a leak, cause he just acts crazy. in almost every battle, he has been shot. mainly from rushing into battle so much. but hazzird has been in many battles. including the final battle of kamino
een jaar geleden vetyking14 said…
Number: CT-1872 "Nix"
Rank: Captain
Type: Phase II ARC
Specialty: Spec ops
Hair Style: Bald
Hair Color: None
Eye Color: Brown (what does it matter anyways, they're clones they all have the same eye color and hair)
Description: (armor) white with green stripes and a bit of yellow, (Unmasked) a tatoo of an N in the left cheek and a scar near the neck
Weapon(s): DC-15, DC-17, duel blasters
History: born, or "Cloned" on 32-BBY, he made his way through the battlefield and survived the second geonosian battle, he got promoted to ARC trooper on 41st Elite Corps
Likes: Peace
Dislikes: Droids
Squad: 41st Elite Corps
Commander(s): CC-1004 "gree"
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een jaar geleden CT7567 said…
Number or nickname: Purple
Type: ARC
Specialty: Special Ops
Hair Style:Long, ignored
Hair Color:Purple
Eye Color:Brown
Description:Uses Kama, puldron(leg armor), with a purple armor design, and a rangerfinder.
Weapon(s):twin DC-17 blaster pistols
History:Veteran of both battles of Genosis, Ryloth.
Dislikes:Security Duty
Commander(s):Mace Windu
een jaar geleden CT7567 said…
I ment to add two Vibro swords for close combat and a jetpack
een jaar geleden ivor696 said…
Number: CC-69617-727 / Lion
Rank: commander
Type: He`s a bit of a arc arf
Specialty: Special Ops
Hair Style:long-ish hair
Hair Color:pitch black
Eye Color:one blue, one green
Description: bit of a maverick but when his brothers and the mission is at stake he gets the job done.
Weapon(s):variety because during a mission he can never hold onto the same weapon thrice
History: served alongside master mesias la havas but during the separatist taking of geonosis the 696th was almost destroyed. Only master la havas, lion, cub, panther, chimera and jaguar(or jags) was left. Beacause the only surviving clones were nicknamed after wildcats their new battalion waw called pride battalion and they then started to where yellow uniforms but the normal white parts are now black and their helmets resemble a lions face and is marked with 'for the 696th'.
Dislikes: droids [clankers] , separatists [sepies] and sarlaccs
likes:his brother clones , the republic , Jedi and Jedi master mesias la havas
Squad: 696th squad then Pride battalion.
Commander(s):General Mesias La Havas.
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een jaar geleden X_Rex_X said…
Name: Alpha-98 'Bowflex'
Type:Jet Trooper of the Shadow Regiment
Speciality:Covert Operations
Hairstyle:Buzz Cut
Hair Colour:Black
Eye Colour:Green
Description:Clad in type II armour, black trimmed, light armour with a helm simmilar to Cody's, a compact jetpack with a supply bag.
Weapons:A semi-auto blaster of small size (similar to a sub-machine gun), a flamethrower in his left gauntlet, a grappling hook in his right, deployable razors, sheathable spurs on his boots (like a medieval knight) and a shuriken pistol.
History:Geonosis, Christophsis, Haruun Kal, Kamino, Felucia, after executing Alya Secura Bowflex stole a Jedi Starfighter and sped back to corusant where he sought to execute Palpatine; he was too late went to the Jedi Temple, he fought the 501st and managed to jet away before he was killed. He then went back to Kamino, where the 501st killed him whilst he defended his true brothers.
Likes:His true brothers and jetpacks.
Dislikes:Palpatine, Separatists, Dooku and boats.
Squad:Shadow Jets
een jaar geleden Royaleemon said…
Number: CT-7012-20 ( Sketch)
Rank: warrant officer
Type: ARC trooper
Specialty: Assault
Hair Style: buzz cut
Hair Color:brown
Eye Color: brown
Description: doesn't talk much, but actions speak louder than words.
Weapon(s): DC-15 blaster rifle, vibroblade machete, thermal detonators.
History: participated in: the battle of geanosis, defense of kamino, multiple classified boarding action's
, battle for over corasant, and broke off from the republic after order 66,( joined the rebellion for infiltration.
Likes: his squad, his weapon
Dislikes: droids
Squad: 501st/ assault division
Commander(s): Yoda and Anakin skywaker
Vehicles: BARC speederbike
een jaar geleden Homura1225 said…
Number: CC-122595 "Ghost"

Rank: Captain

Type: Covert Ops (former)

Specialty: Special Ops

Hair Style: Standard

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Armor: Black base with white tiger stripes, utility belt includes two DC-17 hand blaster holsters.

Weapon: DC-17 hand blasters, DC-17A blaster rifle, custom DC-17C blaster rifle with under-mounted grenade launcher.

Background: One of the best in the covert ops, Ghost was personally trained by Captain Rex. When order 66 was executed, Ghost and his squad went AWOL. Ghost is currently one of the few clones to survive the Empire's downfall.

Likes: A Mandalorian female named Homura.

Dislikes: Watching his squad mates die, the Empire, Sith.

Generals: Arligan Zey
een jaar geleden Night5talker765 said…
Clone Number: DT-626 "Laredo"
Rank: Captain
Unit: 35th Recon Group "The Nightstalkers"
Hair Style: Military Cut, Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Armor: Phase 1 Armor, white base color with red stripes going down the helmet, torso, legs and arms. Also red in the details of the armor with some black in some areas. Helmet is a phase 2 snow trooper helmet and has and enhanced visor for better vision in treacherous areas and equipped with night vision and thermal visions. on the torso is recon attachments and packs for long range recon. On the back is a red light tunic or "cape" which is equipped with every member of the 35th Recon Group.
Weapon: 2 blaster pistols on the waste, 1 Commando Blaster rifle on the back equipped with a variable zoom scope, extended magazine and a silencer for silent insertions, also carrys 2 cap and ball pistols with pearl grips and stainless steel on his waist as well for good luck and just for the hell of it.
Background: Was 2nd in command of the 35th Recon Group for half the time he was with the 35th. On a mission the 35th was deployed to planet Orlera on a search and destroy mission when they were detected entering the atmosphere in gunships. Long range canons began to fire upon the group. In the fire one particle canon hit the lead gunship with Commander Dion and Captain Laredo. The shell went through the cockpit into the troop bay and out the starboard turbine crippling the craft. At one point when the shell went through the troop bay the particle canons shell ripped through and decapitated the Commander. The ship went down on the coastline of the almost tropical paradise planet. During the barrage, 32 gunships destroyed, 17 missing and 83 in action. The troops landed on the coastline and they formed up against the beachhead. Before them was their mission objective: A massive CIS manufacturing base holding data plans of a newly designed battle droid that could cost them the war. As captain Laredo turned to his men since he has moved into command, he and his troops yelled, "Nightstalkers don't quit!" and they then charged the installation guns blazing as droid forces fired upon the troopers. it took several hours before they infiltrated the base and located the plans for the new droid. they took the plans and took the continent within a couple more hours, with that the 740th Air Assualt Group, the planet was taken in a matter of 12 days. From now on the 35th Recon Group are a very distinguished group who wear red capes to symbolize blood and bravery of the clones that have fought and died for this war
Likes: Laredo likes to practice shooting
Generals: Commander Dion
Dislikes: Droidekas and General Greivous
Still leads the 35th and fights for the Republic currently
een jaar geleden OnlyDirtyGirls said…
Number: CH-884 "Hound"
Rank: Lieutenant
Type: Pilot
Specialty: Special Ops
Hair Style: short mohawk
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: One eye. Dark brown
Description: Is called "Hound" on account of a kath hound pup (called, "Havoc") he found in a space port that ripped out one of his eyes, they've been inseparable ever since. Primarily pilots an LAAT/s (LAAT optimized for stealth), but uses whatever version needed to get the job done.
Weapon(s): Havoc( the kath hound), DC-15S blaster carbine, an unnecessary amount of emp grenades and thermal detonators, two blaster pistols and matching battle skirt won from an arc trooper in a game of pazaak.
History: One of the three aces in the highly classified 18th Special Operations Transport group, unofficially part of the famous 501st Legion, which handled most, if not all of the transportation needs of ARC Troopers, Spec-Ops Troopers, Republic Comandos and their eventual Imperial counterparts. Fought in both battles of Genososis, even surviving being shot down outside of Count Dooku's hangar. Currently provides transport for Imperial Special-Ops and Commandos hunting down Jedi and rumored Rebellion post Order 66.
Likes: Flying, giant laser cannons, the unique sound of the LAAT engine.
Dislikes: Jedi for their apparent betrayal, droids, non-Fett troopers, hieghts.
Squadron: Boomer, Riddick, Casino, Predator and Handles
Commander(s): Captain Tarkin, Anakin Skywalker
een jaar geleden lolpup12 said…
Number/Name: CAC (Clone Assassin Commander) 001 (Track)
Rank: Super Commander (Training to be a general)
Unit: 999th Elite Platoon
Hair-Style: Blue Mohawk with a shaved beard
Eye Color: Brown
Weapon: Sword and Shield
Background: Track was the first clone trooper made by Kamino for the Galactic Republic. He trained Alpha-17, one of the most legendary clones of all time. Track participated in the first battle of Mandalore which wiped out their army. He then adopted a group of clone cadets named Trappar, Hawkeye, Scythe, Psy, Takedown, Longtooth, and Sabertooth.
Likes: Planning and beating the Separatists
Dislikes: His men dying
General: Jedi Master Tasslai
Other Notes: Battled the Emperor, and almost won if it wasn't for Commander Fox knocking him off a cliff. Track survived and helped Luke Skywalker lead the Rebel Alliance. He literally said screw you to the Emperor.
een jaar geleden bryan730 said…
Number CT-2691 "Revo"
Type: Commando
Specialty: Sniper and Hacker
Hair Style: short cut with small goatee
Hair Color: black, but dyed bergundy-maroon
Eye Color: blue
Description: Revo wore full Katarn-class armor and spray painted his torso armor navy blue. He wore a custom designed helmet.
Weapon(s): DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon Systems, Katarn-class commando, E-Web heavy repeating blasters, Accelerated Charged Particle Repeater Guns, Accelerated Charged Particle Array Guns, Improvised explosive devices, Bore bangs, Flash-bang grenades, EMP grenades, Frag grenades, Ion grenades, Stun grenades, Shotguns, Vibrodagger, Geonosian force pikes, and other things i cannot list because it is too long.

Revo also has two black lines that run down his eyes and down his entire face.

History: Revo's cadet squad included clone troopers "Artt", "Taxer", and "Scurge". The squad passed the test the first time and was immediately assigned to assist General Fal-Toh in the battle of Alderaan. No one on the Republic survived except clones, Taxer, Artt and Revo. Scurge was shot down from enemy bullets. Taxer, Artt and Revo were eventually promoted to Sergeants. After the battle of Cato Neimoidia Revo and Artt were the only members of the squad left. Taxer unfortunately sacrificed himself for the Republic's survival and blew the entire base up. Soon, after many battles, Artt and Revo were slowly promoted up and up. Eventually, they were promoted to Clone commandos. After rigorous training with Kal Skirata, the two joined the Radon squad. In the Radon squad, there was Revo, the sargeant and sabotage expert; Gusher; the demolitions expert; Dibs, the infiltration expert, and Max, who was the assassination expert. They were sent with jedi Master Qir L'Tethjra and his apprentice Jed Walding to assist the 414th Legion and their leader, Commander Jhon, in battle against numerous droids on the Moon of Rishi. There, they met sith lord Shiruro Azi and his daughter, Janeille (Ja-Nay). Janeille killed Walding and electrified Artt until her father decapitated him with ease. Without Walding, the Republic was losing the upper hand and retreated. During Order 66, the Radon Squad rebelled and did not kill their general, Qir L-Tethjra. They renamed the squad the Radon Rebels. They joined forces with the Anti-Imperial troopers in an intense battle with some 3,000 clones loyal to Emperor Palpatine. The Rebel Troopers lost the battle, losing more than 1,000 soldiers. however, the Imperial troopers only lost 760 troops. The Rebels were to be executed, but escaped with the help of the remaining jedi that did not die from Order 66 or operation Knightfall. The troops were caught running away and many were shot down. Only 50 Anti-Imperial troopers remained. Revo, former members of the Radon Squad, and Revo's friends (not from Radon Squad) Baxter, Jezzie, and Snopirr the Wookie ran away with the other refugees. A transport ship hijacked by the Anti-Imperial troopers picked up the escapees, and they fled to Centax-3. The Radon Rebels and Anti-Imperial troopers gathered together in Centax-3 and agreed that their alliance was disbanded (it was too weak against the Empire). After many years of hiding, the runaways joined the Rebel Alliance and fought the Empire. Baxter was shot down by AT-AT walkers while he piloted a snowspeeder. The rebels found his body and held a funeral for him and all the other fallen soldiers. Later, Commander Jhon was sent to assist Leia Organa and Han Solo during the Battle of Endor. However, he was captured by the Imperials and tortured to death for treason (they found out he was a clone). Also, Jedi Master Qir L-Tethjra battled with Darth Vader shortly before Luke's arrival, but the master was cut down by his former comrade. After the war, Revo and his friends who were still alive, (Max, Gusher, Jezzie, and Snopirr) traveled to Lothal to live. Revo married Jezzie and had 8 kids; Baxy, Dibny, Arty, Tax, Scurina, Jed, Jhonny, and Qir-Li (They were all named after Revo and Jezzie's fallen friends).

Artt: good cadet squad leader and good friend of Revo
Taxer: humorous clone that loved explosives
Scurge: iron-hearted clone who loved torturing droids
Revo: leader of Radon Squad and sabotage expert
Fal-Toh: Jedi knight who was killed during the Battle of Alderaan
Gusher: demolition expert of the Radon Squad
Dibs: infiltration expert of the Radon Squad
Max: assassination expert of the Radon Squad
Qir L-Tethjra: Jedi master who led the 414th Legion
Jed Walding: jedi knight and apprentice of Qir L-Tethjra
Baxter: Revo's very good friend from Bespin
Jezzie: Revo's good friend and future wife
Snopirr: Super strong Wookiee
Commander Jhon: brave clone commander of the 414th Legion
Baxy: oldest son
Dibny: first daughter
Arty: second son
Tax: third son
Scurina: second daughter
Jed: third daughter (twin) [Full name is Jedith]
Jhonny: fifth son (twin)
Qir-Li: youngest daughter [pronounced like Curly]

Jed and Jhonny were force sensitive

Jed became one of the most skilled jedi masters

Jhonny became one of the deadliest sith lords and became Darth Feorgo

Jhonny killed Arty, Dibny, Qir-Li, Tax, and Revo. He later told the rest of his family that he wanted to know what hatred and murder felt like. Jhonny was killed later by Jed.

Likes: Blasting down Sith Lords as if they were weak battle droids.

Dislikes: Fighting his brother clones when they executed Order 66. He also hates being on the front line.

Squad: Radon Squad

Commander(s): Commander Jhon of the 414th Legion
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een jaar geleden thecowsaysmoo12 said…
Number: CT-9847 "Kickstart"
Rank: Captain
Type: Trooper
Specialty: Hacker
Hair Style: Normal
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Description: Phase 2 armor, pink stripe on the middle of armor, pink star on face and helmet.
Weapons: DC-15S Blaster Rifle, two DC-17 pistols
History: One of the first clones bred and fought on the Battle of Geonosis, he was given his own battalion to command.
Likes: Giving orders
Dislikes: Things he can't hack
Squad: Alpha Squad in the 43rd Shock Battalion
Commanders: None except Jedi
een jaar geleden thecowsaysmoo12 said…
CT-3910 "Jolt"
Rank: Lieutenant
Type: Trooper
Specialty: Demotions
Hair Style: Buzz Cut
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Description: Wears phase 2 armor, pink stars on both shoulder pads completely pink helmet
Weapons: Death Machine
History: After the battle of Cordila, he was recruited for the 43rd Shock Battalion
Likes: Destrucion
Dislikes: Col
Squad: Alpha Squad in the 43rd Shock Battalion
Commanders: Captain Kickstart, and jedi
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een jaar geleden thecowsaysmoo12 said…
CT-2862 "Col"
Rank: Sergeant
Specialty: Medic
Hair Style: Normal
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Description: Pink Star on back of helmet, and on front of armor
History: Recently bred as a sergeant, he was automatically put in the 43rd Shock Battalion for the lack of medics in the battalion.
Likes: Jolt
Dislikes: Kickstart
Commanders: Lieutenant Jolt, and Captain Kickstart