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This ster Wars: Clone Wars achtergrond contains surcoat. There might also be tabberd, tabard inn, hip boot, thigh boot, and brigandine.

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In Mygeeto space on board the Spirit Of Kuat a Venator-Class ster Destroyer. On the bridge of the Spirit Of Kuat General Eeth Koth was talking via hologram when all of the sudden flak burst around the ship. 3 Separatist Banking-Clan Frigates had followed Eeth Koth's ship now it was a fight for his life. “All men to your turbolaser stations!” “Red Alert”. As Clone Trooper Gunners rushed to the Turbolasers a Prow Laser kanon from one of the 3 Frigates hit one of the 8 engines and blew up one of the 8 turbolaser gun emplacements! “Sir” zei Commander Val Eeth Koth's seconde incommand...
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How did this happen
Chapter one

hi guys got this out of a dream.
Quay: spottedpelt does not own starwars the clonewars only bud, buddy and Tracer,Jayfeather,and christian

rex pov
Why the Jedi counsel decided to deploy us out here i don't know. We're supposed to be checking out a planet that they found the coordinates to while on a mission to infiltrate a separatist base. From the info we learned it was in another galaxy. I looked around at my men who were sitting on the floor of the gunship having gotten tired of standing. I checked the chrono on my HUD before i took off my helm and plopped down...
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When the James Caird finally lands on Saleucami, everyone is getting off the ship.

Ahsoka: Okay. Clones, I need all of u to form around the boulders and wait for my signal.

While all the clones are running to where they were told, Captain Rex goes to speak with Ahsoka.

Rex: Are u sure this plan will actually work.

Ahsoka: Of course. I've gone over it with my master. If everyone does everything right we'll come out in no t-

She is interuppted door Rex's lips.

She quickly lets go angrily.

Ahsoka: Rex, be careful. We would've gotten caught!

Rex: Sorry, love. But I ju-

A clone comes up in front of them...
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It's the morning up in the Endurance.
Ahsoka is getting ready to see her master.

Ahsoka's comlink rings.

Ahsoka: Hello?

Barriss: So u ready to see what's in store for today?

Ahsoka: I guess.

She walks out the door.
She turns her comlink off.

Her comlink rings again.

Ahsoka: Hello?

Anakin: Ahsoka, I need u to meet me on the bridge. I have a mission for you.

Ahsoka: Okay.

She hangs up.


Rex is in his quarters.

He walks to the bridge and on the way he sees Ahsoka.

They bump into each other. (Not literally)

Rex: Hello, sir.

Ahsoka: Captain.

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Hi peeps thought i would make a artikel about a bunch of mistakes some jedi's of orphanes(Lux Bonteri)could make.

Chapter One

"What in ther force did u do!!"Anakin yelled at Ahsoka."What?You zei do something to your room,so I damolished it."She simply said.Anakin stood motionless."!"She looked up at him and said."It's your fault,you did'nt properly instructe me."With that she walked out of his room,well a junkyard now.His left eye twitched a little until he sat on what look like his bed.
Later that Day

Ahsoka was talking to Rex about what she did to Skywalker's room.His response...
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