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 Protests against the Jedi
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Source: Clone Wars Celebration Trailer
Taken from the Celebration 6 trailer
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This ster Wars: Clone Wars foto might contain straat, stad scène, stedelijke omgeving, stad straatbeeld, and stedelijke instellen.

posted by captainrexbest
rex pov
it was a cold morning and i had slept peacefully but my leg was killing me.i think i'll go get a painkiller from denal.I left my room limping slightly.As i entered denal's room he was helping another trooper door the name Sunny.He was the weakest troop in the 501st.I took him in to save him from reconditioning."Poor little scrap,"Denal muttered to me.Just then I came up with a plan."We could put someone else in charge of him.""True,who do u have in mind?""Hmmm.Chopper""Why him?"Denal questioned."I think it could help his social skills."I stated.Denal sighed "I disagree but if u think...
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As we get off our ship the James Caird, I see my master, Anakin Skywalker, expect me. "Ahsoka. I'm so sorry u were left alone back in Saleucami. It was my fault. I should have listened to the pi-" I interrupt him. "I wasn't alone. I had Re- I mean, Captain Rex. We had shelter and everything." "I know but, I was worried about you. I don't want to lose my favoriete padawan." He hugs me. "I'm your only padawan." I mumble. "Huh?" "Nothing!"

"I cannot believe u are back, Ahsoka! I have missed u so much!" I smile remembering my friend, Barriss' face. "So, how's Quinlan?" Barriss' smile turns...
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posted by idiot1
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posted by idiot1
I looked down at the valley below from our cliff position. Tens of thousands of droids massing up for a full scale attack I presumed. "Echo!You might want to see this!"I shouted to Echo. "What is i-By the force!Thats alot of clankers!"Echo zei through the comm. "What do we do now?"I asked curiously. "We fight Lieutenant and we link up with the 501st".Echo said. "Echo Wraith this is Rex!We need to your cover fire!Where the hell are you!"shouted Rex over the comm channel. I could make out explosions and laser blasts in the background. "Hurry!Patching coordinates to you're HUDs."said Rex. "I...
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Ahsoka and Rex found out that they'll be on the same ship on the way to Saleucami.

Everyone boards the ship.

Ahsoka: *while putting things away* Everyone, I need u to put your luggage somewhere on the ship.

Rex sees Ahsoka trying to put a big bag onto a high shelf. He helps her out.

They smile at each other.

Ahsoka slips and she falls in Rex's arms.

She smiles.

Ahsoka is in her PJs. She's wearing a "Jedi Republic" korte mouw overhemd, shirt and lightsaber PJ...
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Rex and Ahsoka are packing their things before they leave for Saleucami.

Rex is on his way to see his love, Ahsoka.

Rex: Ahsoka!

Ahsoka: Oh. Hey!

Rex and Ahsoka hug.

Ahsoka: Well, I'm gonna be on my way to Saleucami and u are too.

Rex: I'll miss u ever seconde you're gone.

Ahsoka: Don't worry. We can contact each other with our holo projectors and comlinks.

Rex: No matter what-

He holds both of her hands in both of his.

Rex: We'll always be together.

He kisses her gently and leaves.

Ahsoka feels something in her hands. It's Rex's most prized possesion. The logo of his favoriete bolo-ball team. It's in the shape of a star.

Ahsoka puts it in her "Treasures Box".

She keeps packing.

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posted by captainrexbest
Rex woke and put his armor back on as quietly as he could so he wouldn't disturb Ahsoka,who was still sleeping.Rex went down to the Chief Petty Offcier's Mess to eat.Only CPO's and above ranks were allowed in there.Rex liked it there because there was barely any troops that came in that section of the ship.When Rex had got there it was empty accept for...Ahsoka?
"Ahsoka,when did u get here?""I heard u get up.When u left I took the shorter way,you took the long way.""I know I took the long way miss smarty pants.""Whoa,Rex what's got u all worked up?""Nothing.""It's gotta be something,well,what...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
Chapter eight is up. :P
Pirates ahoy!

"Should I help?" Ahsoka asked fervently, following Piffell to the cockpit. "No. We'll have it under control." Piffell said, sitting down in the (uh...) gun-firing-seat-place. Ahsoka looked through the window and realized that this was not only just a small hand full of pirates; it was an entire fleet. Three gunships, a transport, and a freighter. Piffell aimed and fired at the freighter first, hitting its left wing. Smoke rose from it as it began to sink through space. Lorrettai was steering the ship, trying to make it easier for Piffell to aim. Anakin, just...
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Here's the volgende part. I'm sorry if u think I don't have enough of Ahsoka parts, I just wanted to write something romanicish. Enjoy.

Ahsoka’s Point of View
“Lucky?” I zei aloud. “You’re alive?” Lucky looked startled. “I never died sir,” Lucky said. “I was just wounded, but I’m fine now. There’s a village full of my brothers here, with ships that crashed and few Clones that survives goes go to the village if they find it. of fellow brothers find them. Wow, Clone village? Who knew there would be a village of stranded Clones. “But why didn’t u contact help?” I asked....
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posted by starwarsfangirl
Okay. I've got chapter six all done now.
Read and commentaar please!

"Asajj Ventress? How do u know her!" Anakin exclaimed, looking through the peephole also, almost not believing her. "Our families go way back. She's the one who killed my brothers and sisters. Don't u remember be telling you? Wait, of course not. u barely even remembered me! Well, excuse me, but I must take care of this. And don't try to come with me. Obviously, Jedi always make matters like this worse." She said, stepping outside. Anakin listened through the door. "What do u want, harpy?" Lorrettai spat. "Ah... Lorrettai,...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
Chapter Five, I hope it's good.
I nicknamed this chapter, "Lorrettai's story"
And for those who noted this, yes, Obi-Wan is still really banged up, but he just decided to go to dinner. Idk.

Obi-Wan limped into the dining room, clutching his crutch, and sat down in one of the chairs at the grand avondeten, diner table. "Now talk." Lorrettai sighed, and sat down too. "It starts about three years after Anakin left." she started. "Wait, how do u and Anakin even know each other?" Ahsoka asked. "Old friends, now listen, youngling. Apparently, Anakin had some lightsaber parts and such left in Shmi's place,...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
Third Chapter! Yay, I'm so happy with myself!
Please read and review!
Reviews are my life! :p

Anakin looked like he had just been slapped across the face, punched in the gut, and banged in the back of the head all at the same time "W-what, h-h-how do u know my- who are you?" Anakin stuttered. Ahsoka studied the woman's face, which sported a smirk from how terrified Anakin must look. She also had purple-green eyes, long lashes, a petite small chin and facial build, and a small, feminine mouth. But what caught her eye the most was her complexion. It was tan, like most beings from Tatooine, but...
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posted by starwarsfangirl
This is about my Original Character, Lorrettai Hunalo.
Wondering how to pernounce that? Lor-et-tie, Who-n-all-oh. :)
Okay, please read.
I <3 feedback!

Anakin was running. Not for his life of anything big like that, just for some peace and quiet, away from Ahsoka and Obi-Wan. He turned a corner and pressed up against the wall.
“Uh, sir, what are u doing?” Rex had been walking door when Anakin made his appearance.
“Uh… nothing, nothing at all, why, what are u doing?” Anakin replied quickly, walking away. Rex stared after him, completely bewildered.
As soon as Anakin knew...
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I saw the new Clone Wars episode, 'Voyage of Temptation' and fell very strongly on my opinion and need to share it. I love the episode! But there's one thing that bugged me even before I saw the episode. Someone told me what the episode was like. It had romance that I loved. But, Obi-Wan doesn't love the Duchess, she isn't in any boeken I know of. He loves Siri Tache!!!! u have to read the book, it's 'Secrets of the Jedi' door Jude Watson. I love the book, and Siri. But the Clone Wars should have Siri!!!! I know she dies during the Clone Wars, when Anakin is still a padawan, but Siri is awesome!!!!!!!!
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