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Get your first look at ROGUE ONE: A ster WARS STORY in theaters this December.
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Han's P.O.V

I was checking the engines on the Millenium valk, falcon when Leia strode past me. She ignored me.
She had seemed tense recently. I wondered why she was being hostile towards me.Did I offend her? Did I upset her?
She walked out to the balcony, I followed her.
"Leia?" I called to her.
"Yes" she replied without turning to look at me.
"What's going on with u lately? One dag you're all over me, the volgende u don't want to know me?" I questioned her.
"It's just..." she trailed off "It's just! It feels like all we have in this relationship is sex!"
she yelled furiously.
"Hmmm?" I mumbled still confused....
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