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hi , i know very little about stephen king but i do know my friend lost her whole collection some valuable in a different kind of nightmare called hurricane sandy. Wanted to buy something for her in relation to SK. ideas? doesn't need to be a book

 barnes212 posted een jaar geleden
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MasterOfFear said:
I recommend Needful Things, Bag of Bones,The Dark Half, It, Carrie, and the Green Mile.
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posted een jaar geleden 
:D snds AWESOME! oh i love Stephen! ^ ^
coriann posted een jaar geleden
coriann said:
1 word...thinnner ^ ^
that was awesome
of try pet sematary, i LOVE Louis :)
it's so...complicated, so well thought out, all the details, the way he wrote about all the characters thoughts and feelings (especially Louis') it was so real! the movie was corny as shit though :P
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posted een jaar geleden 
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