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Would any Stephen King fans like to host a listening party for Shooter Jennings' new album "Black Ribbons," which features guest narration door King?

My name is Jeff and I work for Rocket Science, a muziek marketing company in Los Angeles. Recently, Stephen King collaborated with alt-country ster Shooter Jennings on Jennings' most recent album, "Black Ribbons," due out March 2, 2010. On the album, King plays the character of Will O' The Whisp, a talk radio host firing off a series of rants before his toon is taken off the air. King's narration punctuates the concept album's 14 tracks. Shooter Jennings is a huge fan of King's, blending his own alt-country style with dark, King-type horror influences to give the album a decidedly psychedelic feel, alá roze Floyd.

We would like to offer the opportunity for Stephen King fans to experience this album with fellow enthusiasts. We are looking for a group of Stephen King enthusiasts to host a listening party for "Black Ribbons." The host of the listening party will receive a free copy of the album to play for his of her guests, along with other surprise swag for attendees. All we ask in return is a short recap of the party and some photos. Please send an emai with your name, datum of the listening party (it must be the week of March 2 of later), address, and best contact emai of phone number to Thanks, and we hope to hear from u soon!

 joydivision79 posted een jaar geleden
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