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Stewie is a evil little baby that has a evil mind. But the thing that I like Stewie because he is like a evil scientist.

He is not like all other babyies, he has a high vocabulary. In he playes with guns, laser, in fight his mom in talk bad about his family.

Mostly all the episodes he always say "I'll do her" he is a baby in he wants to do girl like that. Thats really.... Wow.

His big sister Meg is really wierd. Because they showed Stewie grown up in the future in Stewie from the past talk to future Stewie, then they toon the family in Meg was a guy. So that makes u think why will she do that.

His dad, Peter he is really funny but Stewie be making fun of him bad in that be really funny.
samenflansen, zachte toffee and the Frequency take on the Family Guy theme in samenflansen, zachte toffee Guy!
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family guy theme
samenflansen, zachte toffee and the frequency
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