Ocean Waves is a romance anime film that was made door Studio Ghibli. Although it got really good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes some Studio Ghibli fans consider this film to be 1 of Studio Ghibli's weakest films. This review is about if I agree with the Studio Ghibli fans.

The Plot:

The film is about Taku, a young and nice guy. His best friend Yutaka. They get a new classmate named Rikako. Rikako is a impolite girl, but she's pretty which makes Yutaka get a crush on her. Taku doesn't like Rikako's harshness. However after spending some days together Taku cares about Rikako. Taku struggles to get along with the harsh, but somewhat likeable Rikako. Also Yutaka gets mad at Taku which puts their friendship at risk.

I usually don't like romance films, but this film is a good exception. This is 1 of Studio Ghibli's best written films. Not as masterful as When Marnie Was There, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, and The Wind Rises, but the plot is good. The film did a good job at proving that looks are nice, but not the only important thing part of people. Taku doesn't love Rikako just for her looks. He loves her for who she is unlike Yutaka.

The Characters:

The film pretty much only focuses on 3 characters which works well for this film. It's nice that the film isn't overcrowded with characters. The film's 3 major characters are Taku, Rikako, and Yutaka. All 3 of them are interesting and pretty good characters. Taku and Rikako have a well written romance. Also Taku and Yutaka have a good friendship. Rikako seems unlikeable in the early scenes, but she's turns out to be a pretty good person.

The Animation:

The film has regular people who go to normal places. Despite that the animatie is good. It's a nice looking film. Maybe not amazing, but it's charming.

The Overall:

Ocean Waves is a well written romance film that has lots of charm. It's 1 of Studio Ghibli's best films.