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The kasteel Café
Daphne was sitting at the bar drinking coffee, while Mitch was getting dressed.
“Last night was amazing” Daphne said.
“I agree. We should do this meer often” Mitch joked.
“I would hope so” Daphne said, who wasn’t joking at all.
Mitch frowned. “I thought u were married”
“Yeah, with a virgin” Daphne zei disgusted. “If I would’ve known…”
“You would’ve dumped him?” Mitch asked.
“No, of course not” Daphne sighed. “Look, I love him. I really do. But I can’t deflower him. I won’t sleep with virgins. It’s a principle. And in the meantime I have my needs and that’s where u come in”
“What about his needs?” Mitch asked, while he poured himself a coffee.
“I guess he’ll have to find someone else” Daphne zei annoyed.
“Wouldn’t that make u angry?” Mitch asked, sipping his coffee.
“I would be furious” Daphne admitted.
“So, u won’t sleep with him, but u don’t want him to sleep with anyone else. And in the meantime u sleep with half the town” Mitch summed up to see if he got the whole picture.
“You’re not half the town” Daphne defended herself.
“Still, it’s kind of mean” Mitch zei reproaching. Then he smiled. “That’s what I like so much about you”
He leaned vooruit, voorwaarts and kissed her.
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Watching the seventh season, so I might be missing something, but I feel like the only way the hidden world within Supernatural remains unnoticed is because the world is populated door idiots.

I mean, the Winchesters have been caught on camera time and time again on the news, when a Doppleganger of Leviathan is posing as them committing murder. While the tape of the first “Ghostfacers” episode containing them is destroyed before it can be spread to the public, the Ghostfacers are shown to have mentioned them in their web series during that one episode where Zachariah makes Dean and Sam forget...
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From: Xomaaa LMFAO. this is funny
season 4 episode 8
sneek peek
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Sam: That mes u had... u can kill demons with that thing?
Ruby: Sure comes in handy when u have to swoop in and save the damsel in distress.
Sam: Where u get it?
Ruby: Skymail.
Dean:Is that Humphrey? The one that needs to lay off the burgers?
Ben: u know who else thinks they're awesome? Chicks! It's like hot-chick city out there!
Dean: What? Someone had to teach him to kick a bully in the nads
Sam: How many dying wishes are u going to get?
Dean: As many as I can squeeze out.
Sam: Why are u following me?
Ruby: I'm interested in you.
Sam: Why?
Ruby: Because you're tall. I love a tall man!...
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We all Love Supernatural
We all love Dean and Sam
and We all Love Castiel

1. played door Misha Collins
2. He is the "nerd Angel"
3. Whatever anyone zei Sam and Dean winchester are his best vrienden
4. he is hilarious
5. He kicks ass
6. He is sexy
7. It made u sad that when They found out God was not going to help and Cas was crushed.
8. He takes everything literal
9. He helps Sam and Dean with anything!
10. Even when he was human he kicked ass
11. he is not a mean angel like almost all the others!
12. Till 5x16 He would have stopped at nothing to find god
13. he is clueless to a lot of human things- this...
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