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 Supernatural - 15.04 - Atomic Monsters
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atomic monsters
season 15 episode 4
same winchester
dean winchester
brighter coloring
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Im sorry I can't add pictures because I'm typing this from my iPod but I'll add the lookalikes names and u can look them up :)

* means that they look nearly EXACTLY like their lookalikes

Javier Bardem looks EXACTLY like Jeffrey Dean morgan (John Winchester)* Also Robert Downey Jn.

Jared Padalecki(Sam Winchester) apparently looks like Nick Wechsler (im sorry ealier on I wrote he looked like Neil Wechsler door accident lol, if u want to end up in hysterics zoek neil wechsler up lol)

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester)-link and Emilio Eztevez (only a teeny bit though)

Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle)-...
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Okay, I know Dean is awesome , but can we just take a moment and appreciate Sam? I mean he does so many great things I feel he hardly gets credit for, and people often take him for granted! I've seen a lot of hate toward him, and I don't understand why!

Disclaimer: I love Dean and I hope this doesn't come across as Dean hate. It's just most hate towards Sam comes from a lot of Dean girls (not all).

One of my biggest things however, is how when Sam does something great, they make it about Dean. While I agree, Dean definitely deserves praise, he has his own moments for those. My problem is,...
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posted by girl_hunter88
Case Study
Subject: Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer
DOB: August 12, 1950
DOD: 2012
MRN: 12252006
I.     Case History: Bobby is a white male widower in his late 60’s, has a mild case of sciatica, a long history of abuse, neglect and alcoholism. Morns the unique double death of his wife Karen. Based on family history he is at risk to suffer from alcoholism and it’s derivative (i.e. liver problems), depression and spurs of violence. Bobby has zero healthy coping skills and resorts to alcohol to mask his problems. Bobby does not display obvious sign of drug abuse, but could be...
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