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Do u love to read/ write Tangled fan fiction? Espically about Rapunzel and Eugene?

As for me I have written any stories yet but I might in future.I do have in mind some song fictions that fit perfectally with Rapunzel and Eugene but I just have though of a plot for any of them.Anyways I do read alot of stories about Rapunzel and Eugene and just Tangled in general on! I love reading the ones about their life toghter and of course the propasl and the wedding ones which are my favorites! Of course I also love reading about ones where Rapunzel and Eugene has kids which is very intresting.I love the reaction on Eugenes face when Rapunzel tells him she is pregenet with his baby! Lot ones I have reed he at first freaks out of course but later he is really happy and excited about the baby. They just are intesting to read!
yeah, I think Eugene would be a great dad. ^__^
justinfangrrl posted een jaar geleden
 Pocahontas1Fan posted een jaar geleden
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justinfangrrl said:
I haven't tried! But I'd love to... I love looking at fanart, they're really cute together.

I'm still thinking about writing one... My fanfic will just be about them together ruling the kingdom in happiness and a few "tangles" here and there... Then around the middle, I'll put something like Eugene and Rapunzel talking about having kids and getting an heir. But I dunno...
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posted een jaar geleden 
cindy47b said:
I am writing a Tangled fanfiction story for I haven't geplaatst it yet, but it should be up soon. It's called The Diamond Flower. Look for it! I'm tinkfan14 at
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posted een jaar geleden 
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