Tangled Tangled RP!

Frankiestein65 posted on Mar 19, 2014 at 08:28PM
Ok, we all know the story of Rapunzel! So let's RP it! A couple spots were claimed, but feel free to claim others!

Rapunzel - Me (Frankiestein65)
Eugene (Flynn) - Emmalou13
Mother Gothel - NikkiSarah
The King -
The Queen -
Maximus -
Stabbington brother 1 -
Stabbington brother 2 -
Hook-handed thug -
Other thugs -
Pascal - RoseOfRapunzel

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Tangled 8 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden Emmalou13 said…
Sooo... when do we start? Also if you need more people, you should put a poll on the Disney princess club :)
een jaar geleden Frankiestein65 said…
(We'll start when I get more people, and thx, I'll try that)
een jaar geleden RoseOfRapunzel said…
So, since you said I could make up a character I can see how that doesn't fit into the story. I'll be pascal
een jaar geleden Frankiestein65 said…
een jaar geleden NikkiSarah said…
Can I be Mother Gothel?
een jaar geleden Frankiestein65 said…
een jaar geleden spesh1010 said…
i know im a girl but i can i be maximus XD
een jaar geleden Frankiestein65 said…
Thats fine!