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Emmalou13 posted on Mar 16, 2015 at 12:45PM
Hey Tangled Fans!! I saw that this club is rather inactive, so I thought I'd start this Icon contest!

1. Please no bad language :)
2. You can only enter 1 icon at a time
3. Your Icon has to be ENTIRELY your own
4. The Icons must follow the theme
5. You CANNOT vote for your own icon
6. You can submit old icons as long they are made by you.
7. They have to be square
8. You cannot submit an icon that has been submitted in the previous rounds.
9. In the poll, do NOT be biased. Vote for your favorite icon, not your favorite user.
Prize: 1 Prop

If you have any questions, or an idea for the theme, feel free to ask!!

Have Fun!

Round 1: Rapunzel
Winner: 3xZ

Round 2: Promotional Picture
Winner: flowerdrop

Round 3: Favorite Character
Winner: 3xZ

Round 4: Empty Space
Winner: 3xZ

Round 5: Proverb Vote: link
Winner: ?

Round 6: Passionate (OPEN)
Winner: ?
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