Tangled THANK GOD this wasn’t Tangled(see link)

LisaForde2 posted on May 29, 2011 at 02:03PM

It would have sucked big time.Alleliua they redid it and hired Mandy Moore & Zac Levi as Rapunzel & Eugene. This version in the link was like a total rip off of Enchanted. I am so sick of movies being combined together (yeah I loved Enchanted)but what is the point in doing those live action/animated movies combined over and over again. Thank you Walt Disney for not doing Rapunzel: Unbraided and did Tangled instead now that’s what I would call a masterpiece too(sure it was similar to other Disney movies but it was original).

Tangled 3 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden cunha27 said…
OMG, that was awful!!! It was cheesy and just...plain bad! So glad they gave up on that idea. I much prefer Flyn to that Vince guy that's for sure
een jaar geleden sheep2901 said…
OMG, that thing is such a pain. THANK YOU DISNEY FOR NOT DOING that thing. And what happened with Rapunzel's hair???????? I'm so glad that they gave up Rapunzel: Unbraided. THANK YOU GOD. I prefer TANGLED, now that's what I call a masterpiece
een jaar geleden chesire said…
I like the animation in the first part but I hate the fact that they turned it into the modern world again. And it's too comedic. I'm glad they scratched this one.