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de keuze van de fan: Hell yeah! Merlotte's is awesome!
Hell yeah! Merlotte&# 39; s is...
Hell no! Its a dump!
de keuze van de fan: I love Tara being a Vampire
de keuze van de fan: Season 3
de keuze van de fan: Jason
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dcw132003 zei …
i was on imdb, and so many people hate Tara. i do not get that, she is strong and independent. i LOVE her character! If they kill her, i will not be watching True Blood anymore! geplaatst een jaar geleden
sevenof9 zei …
I love Tara, I cannot believe they want to kill her off! She would make a really cool vampire. I'm sick of Sookie and her fairy-light, Tara is meer compelling! geplaatst een jaar geleden
Wahinetoa zei …
LOVE Tara. I hope like anything she gets better scripts than this seasons. geplaatst een jaar geleden