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posted by tazoodle
There are two income sources available Tazoodle account owners. They are referral commissions from the sale of advertising and viewing income from the shared revenue pool.

Referral Commission Income

Commissions are earned upon the purchase of advertising door one of your referred accounts (level 1 at 10% of the purchase amount) of door one of their referred accounts (level 2 at 5% of the purchase amount).

Commissions are earned and credited to your cash account immediately upon the purchase. Commission earnings are predicated solely upon your individual efforts of solicitation. Tazoodle, Inc. has...
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posted by tazoodle
Many new products and services are created as a result of having a better idea. Sometimes too, a bad experience can lead to an improved item of process.

That was the case when many advertisers on two of the industry's largest zoek engines filed class-action lawsuits. As a result, a new approach to providing online advertisers with a better service was born.

So began the journey of designing and developing Tazoodle.

Tazoodle is the product of meer than a jaar of work from concept to launch. Thousands of hours contributed door people with a vision towards the volgende generation of zoek engine.

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