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 Fruits of the spirit-Patience
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This TDI's Gwen foto might contain klok, bell, anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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posted by Rida103
"What happened" says Gwen at 7:30
"Mornin' princes"
*in her head*
Oh yea
"Hey, why are u up so early, even before me." "I'm not surprised, u had 14 cups of coffe to stay awake for 4 hours."
*what?* "Oh I thought that my breath tasted funny." "Don't worry I had a breath mint just now." says Duncan kissing Gwen.(all u DXG fans go "WWWWWWWHHHOOOOOOOO!!!")At Courtney's place:
Lindsay,"Courtney, what time is it? "Shhh, Courtney's in the bathroom, she slept in there all night crying." "Beth what are u talking about." "We're at Courtney's house remember?" "Oh yea." "Courtney come out of the bathroom!"...
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