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 Fruits of the spirit-Patience
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This TDI's Gwen foto might contain klok, bell, anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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"What happened" says Gwen at 7:30
"Mornin' princes"
*in her head*
Oh yea
"Hey, why are u up so early, even before me." "I'm not surprised, u had 14 cups of coffe to stay awake for 4 hours."
*what?* "Oh I thought that my breath tasted funny." "Don't worry I had a breath mint just now." says Duncan kissing Gwen.(all u DXG fans go "WWWWWWWHHHOOOOOOOO!!!")At Courtney's place:
Lindsay,"Courtney, what time is it? "Shhh, Courtney's in the bathroom, she slept in there all night crying." "Beth what are u talking about." "We're at Courtney's house remember?" "Oh yea." "Courtney come out of the bathroom!"...
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posted by Rida103
This was written for TDI Duncan so if u dont know why i put it up on Gwen thats why.
Duncan and Gwen arrive at Coutney's house

"Courtney what's wrong?"
"In the backyard."
They run around back
"There's nothing here but a sleeping bag and three of my favoriete shirts"
Slam! Courtney slams the door leaving them out back
Duncan starts to bang on the door
"Courtney let me in!"
"You could sleep at my house Duncan."
They arrive at Gwen's house

"Nice crib"
"Thanks. Oh, I have a dog are u ok with dogs?"
"what kind?"
"A chiuaua."
"No he's a Rotwieller"
"Ok cool"
Back at courtney's...
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