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Cody: *sitting in woods, crying*
Duncan: *hears crying* Hello? Who's there?
Cody: *sniffle* D-Duncan?
Duncan: *sees Cody* Sup, little dude? *sits volgende to Cody* Why ya crying?
Cody: I-Iv'e made a t-terrible..... mistake.... *buries face into own knees*
Duncan: Woah... *slowly pats Cody's back* Calm down, little dude......... what happened?
Cody: I can't tell you.
Duncan: Aw, come on, u can tell ol' D your problems.
Cody:..... Promise u won't tell?
Duncan *raises hand as in a pledge* Promise.
Cody: *buries face into knees again* Mh hmn nhmmh...fhmnh... mmmnh.
Duncan: Uh, little dude.... can't here you....
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Not my video! I just found it on youtube.
did did did!
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part three! WHOOT-WHOOT! To be completly honest, I never thought I'd make it past part one, but I guess i'm a better writter than I thought. ^u^ I just wanna give a shout-out to Neonwalflower and Starburst-rock for being so supportive! Oh, and as always, this was inspired door a rocken DxG series made door starburst, so kindly check it out already.

Also, this part has Cody's POV, and I never really have written in his perception, so I hope u all like it! Okay, on with the friggin' story! x3

*Noah's P.O.V.*

We were all...
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