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Hi the story starts off with Dawn and B, but don't worry its a Dott story.

~Dawns POV~

It was a cool summer evening. That total drama crap was all done. I must admit the nicest guy on the toon was B. We have been dating for a little. But usually its complicated trying to read his aura while I try to do things with him. I looked through my bag of stuff I collected and I found a haai tooth. I remembered it belonged to Scott. He lived in the same apartment as me. (He moved from that farm place.) I ringed his doorbell.

Well well well if it isn't the weirdo, zei Scott

I found your haai tooth, I...
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posted by scottXdawn
 true love
true love
Chris:its a new sesaon new players and meer dangerous challenges thats right its total drama wipeout!!!!!

Chef:and new food too

Chris:right well lets meet last sesaons casts... anna-meria dawn scott zoey mike beverly brick jo and some new casts members,marly gail chuck max omalara kobie,the twins luke and lulu last but not least emma.......and 3 classic cast members owen beth and heather

Harold:hey dont forget me

Chris:yea and the loser,ok now for ur first challenge u have to run throught that 3 mile bridge and get through all the ospicles if not youll get wet door the buckests...
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posted by Gwendolynx3
This is ahahhahaha RANDOM :)! I geplaatst this on fanfiction, because I was bored.

Airing through the stier horn was Chris annoying voice as he spoke ."It's season 5 of Total Drama, the campers…erm.. are just chilling because 'somebody'" Christ used his hands to air quote. "couldn't think of new ways to torture these campers". He glared as his interns , who returned a weak smile with papers in their hands."Anyways, so today the campers are just having a free day". With that Chris sighed and walked away mumbling "Our ratings are so going down".

Yes, indeed it was season 5 of Total Drama , it was...
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posted by tara-has-secret

Girls are weird annoying and selfish. I don't like any of them. They are all creatures... including Dawn. She is a weird little nature freak the exact opposite of me. She really gets on my nerves, but sometimes I wish she didn't. She has silky blonde hair and pearly white skin. She is gorgeous. No! What am I saying! She can't get in my way of winning $1,000,000! She must go. Even if it hurts. Just then I was...
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"In conclusion to the Early American lesson, Christopher Columbus really didn't discover north America..."

Dawn was sitting in her zitplaats, stoel as she listened to her social studies teacher drone on about early civilization.

Suddenly, a boy behind her raises his hand.

"Yes Joshua?"the teacher asks sternly.

"I can't see the board again Mrs.Patterson! Dawn's hair is in the way!" Josh exclaims.

"Dawn Turnblad! Do I have to write u up again for inappropriate hair height?" Mrs.P asks the blonde girl in the middle of the room.

Dawn suddenly got a scared expression on her face and stuttered to answer.

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posted by pixicracker
~Scotts POV~

I didn't know if I should say I love u back. So I just zei "Yeah"

~Dawns POV~

Yeah? He just zei Yeah. So he also gave me a schildpad neck, because I was allowed to leave. I didn't wanna go back to my house so when my parents weren't home pagina I would get my stuff and live at Scott's place.


D: Thanks for letting me stay with you.

S: No problem sweetheart. Now let me see if that scar is healing.

D: Okay, lemme put on a tank top.

S: No its okay (pulls the schildpad neck down) oh god. Its worse

D: What, lemme see. OMG. This is horrible.

~Dawns POV~

I started coughing really bad. I touched my neck. It was bleeding again. This was scary. I looked at Scott. Once again I was rushed to the ER. This time he just picked me up and ran.
posted by pixicracker
~Dawns POV~

I woke up I was in Scott's apartment. And well on top, boven of Scott. I looked down and saw my neck was bleeding. I quickly woke up Scott. He zei it might have been from the haai tooth. It was bleeding a lot. He rushed me to the ER.

(at the hospital nobodies POV)

S: Is she okay, doc?

Doc: She's gonna need some stitches so we just put her under anastesia. They're operating now so u can wait in the lobby we'll call u up when she awakes.

S: Gotcha

~Scotts POV~

This was my fault if I never gave her the haai tooth this would have never happened. I had her cell phone. There were many texts...
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posted by scottXdawn
Chris:welcome back to tdtw I'm ur host Chris and as u all

Chef:yea yea yea we know we freaking know 5 seasons of this dumb toon and we know who u are god I don't get paid enough for this crap

Chris:....okay as I was saying last time on tdtw had a talent toon Harold went up and sucked butt but dawn and Scott won mines and chefs and some old campers Trent and Courtney's hearts over so toothless sharks won but all on the end Jo was the one to fall hehehe.untalented in this situation so what happens volgende find....

Chef:find out on tdtw

In the mess hall dawn satted down volgende to mike

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So last time Dawn went to Scotts house to give him his haai tooth and ended up staying for a little bit, they even kissed.

~Scotts POV~

She just left a few minuten ago. I walked into my room and slammed the door. What the hell was I thinking! Dawn!!!! Yeah right, she's too freaky for me.

~Dawns POV~

I walked into my house thinking that, guys kiss girls, but only sometimes u feel things. Did I feel anything with Scott? I decided to go to B's house. We haven't broken up yet but I think it was time to end it. NOT FOR SCOTT. Just because I can't handle having someone who never speaks his opinion....
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posted by ARadomperson
Scott's P.O.V

I grunted as I stood up. It was dawn. Dawn like in sunrise, not Dawn like…. Dawn…

I sighed. What was wrong with me? I should be an evil jerk, but yet, Dawn always seemed to look through me, as if I was a child. As if she knew all of my plans, and my schemes were like Sudoku. Quite easy to figure out. Well, this is not how it's supposed to be! I need to win this game! I can't lose because of a nature freak! She was nothing, but a doll I needed to use in my game. With those thoughts, I went out. I gazed at the sky, hypnotized. I love looking at the sky. So does pappy.

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Chef:last time on total drama wipeout the new campers and classic campers had to run through a ossicle and build a cabine and-

Chris:CHEF!!!!!!! I told u not to start with out me me

Chef:u was on the can for an uur so I zei start so anyways

Chris:the campers build a cabine toothless sharks won cause dawn led the to victory killer squids not too much victory at the end heather was voted off but today's challenge could the

Chef:they Handel the talent hehe of the wipeout

Chris:right I'm the host ur the chef I say these lines so find out here on total drama wipeout!!!!

At the lunch halls

Chuck:so what's...
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posted by Marth911
 I want to be with her
I want to be with her
u want me to kill an angel zei scott. there was no way he was going meet one but him kill just one. scott the devil fold his arms over his chest not looking happy at all but he did go with the plan which he just hated. some were sat a cute and nice little angel with sun shine like hair and eyes as blue as the sky her name is dawn. scott was now dressed to look like one of the angels a male one. the little angel dawn sat down and sart to sing a song that was sweeter then a brid's song .then scott herad her she acted like did not feel him coming still sitting as he ran thougth the woods were...
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Scotts pov
i was sitting on my porch eating a Popsicle.I had just got a intense surgery to fix what happened on a stupid game i was on.The i saw someone a girl who was also on the toon Dawn.She was a young small girl who had a special power that helped her read Auras.I had to admit to myself in my head she was pretty cute.But she would never like me after i framed her and got her booted off.She was smarter than me and i may had been jealous...a little. I decided to say go say hi.When i did she responded with a mad tone in her voice saying: "Hello Scott i see u got fixed after your haai attack....
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posted by pixicracker

~Scott's POV~

I heard the klok, bell from the lobby ring. I clicked the button to see the camera. It was my papi. I missed him. My mom wasn't there. Oh well. Papi was meer understanding. I waited for him to get upstairs. I pulled Dawn door her sleeve to come out here. She looked really pale, but then again she always did. I tapped my foot. I was nervous. He was gonna throw her out. I opened the door. Papi stood there with his stern look. Dawn and I passed a glance at one another.

Me: Welcome to my house papi.

Papi: So your the freaky moon child?

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posted by pixicracker
~Scott's POV~

I think this is the first time I'm ever going to admit to a mistake. I

shouldn't have done this to Dawn. Maybe I could have found a job

for her. Well my parents were coming to the apartment today. What

if they didn't care. What if they still kick her out? I heard vomiting

from the bathroom. Which made me feel disgusted. I opened the


Me: u okay?

Dawn: Yeah I'm fine.

Me: u sure?

Dawn: Yeah, it's probably just morning sickness. I didn't know it

kicked in that quickly.

Me: Oh. So what do u want?

Dawn: Huh?

Me: Like a boy of a girl?

Dawn: Oh, I don't know. I'll love it, whatever gender it is. Why what

do u want?

Me: Doesn't matter.

AN: I am running out of ideas. So please help in the comments. I

really don't wanna end this. Not yet at least.
posted by pixicracker
AN: This is a continuation of part 14, due to the fact I did it on my phone and it ended up to be very, very short. Okay were good.

~Dawn's POV~

I felt bad for both Dakota and Zoey. I couldn't picture myself going through either of that. Hoping I wasn't volgende for heartbreak, I walked to my locker with my head held high. Scott was standing there. I got scared. I took a deep breath and said,

Me: Hi baby.

Scott: Could u not call me that?

Me: But the rule. Nobody can hurt us here.

Scott: I don't want them following us home. And I want a better nickname.

Me: Your joking right?

Scott: Don't question...
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posted by pixicracker
~Dawn's POV~

I was really still mad at both Scott and Dakota. So I decided to take manners into my own hands. I was about to do something I never wanted to do. I was going to yell at Dakota for what she did. So I walked up to her.

Me: Dakota don't think that u can do it with my boyfriend and get away with it like... wait did u have your baby already?

Dakota: No, I got into a car accident. I was fine but it killed the baby.

Now how could I do this. I felt so bad, and I just screamed at her. So I walked away. I had to tell Scott, but what if he gets all affectionate. So I was gonna tell Zoey...
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posted by pixicracker
 Zoey's POV
Zoey's POV
So this time were gonna have it be in Zoey's POV. Its still a Dott story just she's a big part of this episode.

~Zoey's POV~

So I decided that this would be bad for both Dawn and Scott if Scott cheated again. I decided to follow him around to find out whats going on. I've been stalking him for a week. I really don't want to, but I need to.

Dawn came up to me.

D: u stay away from my boyfriend, your engaged remember?

I couldn't tell a lie.

Me: No I'm not, my dad zei I'm too young. I have to finish college first. But I can't say what I'm doing.

I didn't wanna hurt her feelings so I walked away....
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posted by pixicracker
 "I hope she doesn't find out."
"I hope she doesn't find out."
Dawn refused to call the animals. So they just didn't answer. The volgende dag ...

~Scott's POV~

I was pretty nervous. I did it with Dakota, and now she's preg. Everyone knows she's a schoffel, hoe but what if she's carrying my child? I didn't want Dawn to know, so when we got back home pagina I made everything seem like nothing happened.

~Nobody's POV~

Dawn: u cooked?

Scott: Yeah I made u a vegetarian burger and...

Dawn: u made a regular one for yourself?

Scott: No I uh... thought I would eat your leftover salad.

Dawn: Alright. Why are u acting so weird?

Scott: Am not!

Dawn: I'm not hungry. I was gonna tell you...
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posted by pixicracker
 Dakota Pregnant
Dakota Pregnant
So it turns out Dawn and Scott stayed in their school, dag after dag being torchered. But one dag Dawn and Scott weren't torchered because...


D: Is that?

Z: Dakota she's...

S: Preggos

Z: Scott shut up she could have just gained weight.

D: She looks hurt?

~Dawns POV~

I walked up to Dakota she looked like she was bruised and scratched. She told me everyone picked on her for it. Now she knew how it felt. It serves her right. Turns out the principal was her father. Now anybody who bullied teens was gonna get expelled. Me and Scott had nothing to worry about.

Just he started to hit on...
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