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*Open to Titans Tower living room to Beast Boy chilling on the sofa watching tv, Cyborg is in the keuken-, keuken making wafels for breakfast. Raven walks in, smiling.*

Cyborg: Hey, Raven! What’s shakin’ bacon? *Holds out plate of waffles, stacked high, steaming, and dripping with syrup.* Waffles?

Raven: *Giggles*. No thanks. *Walks over to the divan, bank and sits beside Beast Boy.*

Beast Boy: Morning, Sunshine. *Sits relaxed, puts arm around Raven.*

Raven: *Smiles, puts hand on Beast Boy’s leg.*

Robin: *Walks into living room.* What’s on the agenda for today Titans?

Cyborg: I don’t know, why don’t u ask the love birds? *Smiles menacingly at Beast Boy and Raven.*

Robin: *Smiles thoughtfully at the two cuddling on the couch. But remembers, his talk with Cyborg and Starfire last night. Walks over closer to talk with Cyborg.*
Have u gotten a chance to talk with Beast Boy yet?

Cyborg: Why so serious, Robin? *Remembers.* Oh, no. I haven’t, but I’ll be sure to do that.

Robin: Good, we wouldn’t want her to get hurt.

*Back to Raven and Beast Boy*

Beast Boy: I knew you’d eventually come to your senses and want me.

Raven: *Rolls eyes*. Oh, please.

Cyborg: *Yelling across the room.* Yo, B.B.! How about we head up to the weight room and start combat practice early?

Beast Boy: *Smiles at Raven, kisses the top, boven of her head, and leaves.*

Robin: *Walks over to Raven on the couch.* So Raven, are u sure u feel this way about Beast Boy? You’re sure u aren’t just being with him because you’re unsure, of feel sympathy for him?

Raven: No, Robin, why would u ask that?

Robin: Well, it’s just that, Cyborg and I were wondering how truly he felt about u and how u felt about him.

Raven: What do u mean how he feels about me? And how I feel about him? Robin, I’ve felt for Beast Boy for a while, but I was so afraid to toon him, of tell anyone. I was afraid the outcome would be horrible and cause damage to the ones I love, not just him but u guys as well.

Robin: Raven, that’s why Cyborg and I were wondering, for your sake though. We were very curious to know of his feelings for Terra, were rebounded onto u and and he sees her through you.

Raven: Well, when u two get done poking your heads in business where it doesn’t belong, let me know. *Gets up and storms out of the room and heads down the hall to meditate in her room.*

Robin: She obviously loves him, I just hope he loves her.

*Scene fades to Cyborg and Beast Boy in the gym.*

Cyborg: So, man, tell me when u first started to like Raven?

Beast Boy: Well, u remember when we were battling the H.I.V.E. and Raven took me back to the tower when I was hurt and healed me and was very compassionate and understanding?

Cyborg: Yeah..

Beast Boy: Well, that was it. When I saw that Raven isn’t creepy, of weird, but sweet kind and caring, well when she wants to be.

Cyborg: Really? So you’ve liked her from the beginning huh?

Beast Boy: Yeah, I guess so?

Cyborg: SO.. what happened to Raven when Terra came into the picture?

Beast Boy: Well, I still loved her, but I thought I had found someone I could love, and then be loved back. With Terra, I knew she was the one, well the one besides Raven. What was really weird for me, was when Terra and Raven would get into an argument, and I never knew who to side for.

Cyborg: Yeah, great mushy-mushy story u could tell someone like Starfire, but are u sure u don’t have any feelings for Terra that you’re taking out on Raven?

Beast Boy: No! Why would u say that?!

Cyborg: Chill, man! I just wanted to make sure, so that Raven doesn’t get hurt.

Beast Boy: Why would I ever hurt Raven, the one I love?
*Storms out of room to find Raven.*

Beast Boy: *Storming into Raven’s room.* u would not believe what Cyborg just asked me! Raven?

Beast Boy: *After storming into her room, finds her sitting hunched up with her legs crossed on her bed, weeping.*

Beast Boy: Raven? What’s wrong?

Raven: *Pulls kap up and wipes tears off her face and turns away.*
Nothing, nothing’s wrong.

Beast Boy: Raven, u can tell me anything now. That’s how this relationship thing works, remember? Don’t u remember last night?

Raven: Of course I do but it’s just something that happened today…

Beast Boy: Wait, don’t tell me… Robin?

Raven:* Looks up into Beast Boy’s eyes, looking for compassion and comfort. Nodding. Buries face into his chest.* Please tell me it’s not true.

Beast Boy: Of course it’s not! Why would I hold onto something like her? The only reason I liked her was because I thought I would never be able to have you. Raven, I loved u from the beginning, since that dag u comforted me when we were battling the H.I.V.E. I liked her, but I love you.

Raven: So, there’s nothing left of Terra left inside you?

Beast Boy: If, u don’t believe me, see for yourself, I know u can do that. *Smiles down at her. Removes her hood.*

Raven: No, I think I believe you. *Smiles back.* Besides, I can sense how u feel anyway.

Beast Boy: But, if u knew the truth already, then why were u crying?

Raven: Because, knowing that our vrienden don’t trust you, trust “us”.

Beast Boy: Well, I think they’re just… shocked, that we’re together. They all knew I’ve loved you, but they never would have thought u would actually want to be with me.

Raven: Well, they were wrong there too. And it was wrong of them to judge me like that, and I think I’ve made my point. *Smiles up at him.*

Beast Boy: Me too. *Cradles her face and kisses her lips lightly.*

End Scene
Thanks for reading guys! I hope you've enjoyed this, please not hating on the comments! :)
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(This is the datum in Speedy and Cheshire part one.)
They were at the movie theater.
Speedy:Nice movie u picked.
Speedy:Don't worry Cheshire.
They both lean in and kiss each other.*smooch*
After the movie,they went to a campsite.
Cheshire:This place is really nice,Speedy.
Speedy:Thanks.Can we kiss?Nobody but us will know.
Cheshire:Can it be in the tent?I like it.
Inside the tent...
Cheshire:Oh,Speedy.You really let me win that time I almost killed you?
Speedy:Yes.I did.That also proves that I love you.
Cheshire:Let's kiss now.
Speedy:Let's do it.
Speedy:It's getting late.I should head back.They'll wonder where I am.
Cheshire:Alright.I'll miss you.
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bobby walked over to the other titans with mevin over his shoulder.
cyborg walkd over to them "yo melvin where's raven"?

"oh she's talking to a silent guy that can't talk" she explained "silent guy"? beast boy asked. jinx eye wided with the name silent guy "wait a minute, did he happened to wear a bat costume and has red eyes door any chance?"
"yes " melvin responded "it's kyd wykkyd" jinx told her teammates "hold up y'll i think i remember him yeah" cyborg said. "how"? robin asked."

when i was stone at the h.i.g.h acedamy he was with this winged girl" he explained "oh that was angel he's girlfriend"...
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