strand DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was another picture-perfect summer dag in Jump City, the Teen Titans & the Titans East were having a cookout outside at the beach, Bumblebee, Aqualad, Raven & Beastboy were making sandcastles, Starfire & Cyborg were playing in the water.

while Kid Flash, Speedy & Robin were making lunch for everyone…Robin told Speed & KF to get some easy to burn moss from the trees in the park to burn in the grill: when they were done, they came straight back to him.

Both boys had their arms filled with moss, then the Boy Wonder zei to his vrienden who were both holding giant armfuls of moss,”alright u 2… brand IN THE HOLE!” they dumped the moss into the grill.

but when they did so, there was a great wolk of smoke…[*Cough! Cough! Cough!*] when the smoke cleared, the 3 boy’s faces were covered in smoke & then Robin exclaimed,”well! That’s enough smoke to get in your hair!” [*cough!*]

suddenly, Robin, Kid Flash & Speedy looked at their hair in the mirror & screamed in horror,”OUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Speedy combed his hair, Kid Flash rearranged his hair & Robin managed to regel his hair up into those glossy black spikes again!

finally, the 3 boys made some curly fries, hot dogs, tacos & burgers, at last, Robin shouted,”TITANS!!! TITANS EAST!! LUNCHTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

the Titans & Titans East heard the Boy Wonder’s shout & rushed over the picnic table, starving for food as per usual.

when they finished their food, everyone relaxed for the rest of the day, Raven, Beastboy & Aqualad were splashing each other, whilst Robin, Speedy & Kid Flash tanned in the Sun.

they played until the Sun went down, the Titans packed their picnic stuff & they started to head on home pagina to their Tower...but suddenly, Speedy grabbed Robin door the arm!

[the Titans gasp!] they knew that something was wrong, Robin felt it in Speedy's pleading gaze, he asked them,"can we have a sleepover with u guys tonight?"

Robin smiled & exclaimed in delight,"YES!!" the Titans & Titans East exclaimed,"SLEEPOVER PARTY!!!!!!" the Titans East were overjoyed! at home, they packed their things for their sleepover & headed over to the Tower...
HELLOOOOOOOO, HANDSOME!!!!!! [Wolf whistle!]