HOW CAN HE DO THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?
It was just another summer day, the Young Justice Leaguers were bored & there was nothing to do, but suddenly, Conner, son of Clark Kent perked up: he could hear everything going on around him, M’Gann Morzz, niece of Martian Manhunter looked concerned & she asked,”what’s wrong Conner?” Conner said,”hush M’Gann!” then they listened together, that sound was music!
Irish music, but where was it coming from? Then they heard the muziek get closer & closer, until it was so loud that they had to cover their ears! But most incredible of all: when they looked closer at the hallway, they saw 4 boys playing & dancing their way to the living room, but each boy had one of Dick’s magical musical instruments!
the boys they saw were the 4 Grayson brothers: Dick, Jason, Tim & Damian! The 4 brothers were dancing their way into the living room, each brother had one of Dick’s magical instruments, they seemed to be playing an Irish jig of some sort while playing the instruments…
It was then that the brothers got close enough for them to ask, but when they asked which Irish jig they were playing on their instruments, Dick answered when he stopped playing his magical flute,”uh doi!” then he went back to playing his flute, then Damian zei never having to stop playing Dick’s magical guitar,”it’s our favoriete jig of all!”
Conner asked,”which would be?” Tim said,”hello? The Irish Washerwoman Jig!” then they watched as Dick Jason Tim & Damian played their instruments to the most amazing Irish jig of all: the famous Irish Washerwoman Jig, then Robin’s best friends, Roy Harper & Artemis Crock came out of their rooms to listen to the 4 brothers play their instruments to the Irish Washerwoman Jig, then Roy asked his cousin,”Artemis, may I have this dance?” Artemis said,”I would be most delighted!”
both cousins laughed & Roy led Artemis onto the dance floor, dancing to the Irish Washerwoman Jig perfectly, it was then that the other Young Justice Leaguers came out of their bedrooms to listen to the 4 young brothers play their instruments to the Irish Washerwoman Jig, but when their Principle, Lia happened to pass door the Mount, she thought she heard muziek coming inside from that strange place, so she followed the noise to the Hall’s Cave, it was then that they stopped playing music, when he recognized their principal, Dick whispered to Jason, Tim & Damian that their principal was there, he told everyone to greet their friend, Principal Lia.
they turned to her, she blushed, they greeted the principal warmly & Nightwing let the flute play door itself & he went over to her & offered her to dance, she exclaimed to the stranger,”back off creep! I don’t even know who u are!” Robin tried to stop his brother, but he was too late! Nightwing took off his mask, revealing his beautiful blue eyes & Principal Lia recognized the young man as Dick Richard John Grayson-Wayne, the student who with his brothers beat up Leon Gaenon last jaar at Gotham Academy.
She asked,”Dickie?” Dick zei with a smile,”in the flesh!” then the boys kept playing the jig until the mentors of the Young Justice League came out of their bedrooms to hear the 4 sons play their instruments & watch as their protégés dance to the music: then when Dick played a high note, they danced in a cirkel round the boys, they were sure talented with musical instruments. this was a talent that had to be shared with the world, but One day, Principle Lia took the 4 Grayson brothers aside & told them,”1. Your secret’s veilig with me. 2. u 4 are very talented. 3. u guys need to kom bij the talent show, it’s tomorrow at 4:00…don’t miss it! & 4. u guys are awesome!”
they were pleased to hear this & decided to participate in the school talent show, then Dick, Jason, Tim & Damian decided to play their instruments in the talent show, they got their magical instruments, but when the curtain went up, they were laughed at, but the brothers smiled anyway & started to play the famous Irish Washerwoman Jig…they were very pleased with themselves when they played the Irish Washerwoman Jig! Soon, the Young Justice Leaguers appeared on the stage.
they were hand in hand, they made a cirkel & danced around the 4 boys joyfully, it made them very happy to play their instruments for all their teachers & fellow classmates, they were very talented musicians & the judges watching them knew that they had 4 winners & they thought, what handsome winners they are! They rewarded the 4 brothers with four 1st place ribbons for playing such wonderful music, which they took home pagina & placed on their trophy shelves, Bruce was very proud of his boys that he held a big party to celebrate their victory.
Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim & Damian headed home, had a big bash & danced till their feet were sore, they yawned, kissed their father, headed to their rooms & fell asleep on their beds, dreaming peacefully of a peaceful field of flowers with butterflies, puppies, kittens & rainbows, when they woke up the volgende morning, they felt quite happy & peaceful indeed.
4 brothers different to each other, but somehow alike!!!