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de keuze van de fan: Teen top, boven FTW!
de keuze van de fan: Chunjoe
de keuze van de fan: L.Joe
de keuze van de fan: Yes
a little
de keuze van de fan: Supa Luv
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Christina0924 zei …
TEEN top, boven IS BACK!!! I love then with all my heart...so much respect for them still being a group after 8 years..them Infinite & B2ST /HIGHLIGHT as well as Shinee are really the kings of longevity and I respect all of them so much!! The new song has an old kpop feel and I am glad cause kpop is starting to sound recycled now and days BUT OF COURSE TEEN top, boven DIDN'T DISAPPOINT... i truly stan legends...also I miss my baby LJoe so muchhhh :(( geplaatst ·6 maanden geleden
Christina0924 commentaar gegeven…
them* ·6 maanden geleden
Ieva0311 zei …
It's saddening that one member of one of my favs boy groups is leaving
There is so much going but what we should care is supporting L.Joe & other members
It's sad that most of company care meer for money then they own artist
I wish Shinhwa's Andy would be going back to CEO of top, boven Media, he was the one who created TEEN top, boven and made them populair
But sadly the new CEO is only caring for money
It's good to take care of new artist (UP10TION) but ...
geplaatst een jaar geleden
Ieva0311 commentaar gegeven…
they should never forget who made the company bigger then it was. een jaar geleden
Ieva0311 commentaar gegeven…
I really wish that this conflict end before L.Joe and other would be hurt and I really really hope that they relationship between each other stay close and strong. Always door your side no matter u will be 5 of 6, u will always stay TEEN top, boven as 6 to me and I will support u all.!!!!!!!!!! een jaar geleden
GDragon612 commentaar gegeven…
Cries `~ I love Teentop so freaking much and my bias ljoe left Teentop omg my feels my hart-, hart >< een jaar geleden
C8rissy zei …
We will miss u Ljoe and thank u for all these years of amazing raps and dedication to Teen Top! We know u love Angels and Teen top, boven but top, boven Media is a shifty company that only cares about money but we will always support you!:)
Teen top, boven is not Teen top, boven without the 6 of u together but thank u for all your time and can't wait for Teen Tops comeback!!
Teen top, boven fighting!!♡♡♡
geplaatst een jaar geleden
C8rissy commentaar gegeven…
shitty* een jaar geleden