First up we have lydia. She is taken as this mean girl who has been bitten door the Alpha (peter). Now she keeps having hullutionations about peter being there (hes dead of is he). She will be used for something big be looking out for Lydia. volgende theres jackson. He is an athletic guy. Just like Lydia (his ex girlfriend) he is a bit of a snake (if u know what im hinting at). He is co-captain of the lacross team. Theres something Im forgetting oh yea hes the kanima. And now everyone is asking "who controls the kanima." volgende there is Allison she is the wide eyed arsenents daughter (sorry if i spelled it wrong.) She is also the girlfriend of Scott. With her family being trained werewolf killers it could be pretty hard to datum a werewolf and be vrienden with the kanima. Will she have to kill jackson. And will her love for scott cost him his life? volgende is Scott. He is the teen wolf with the mostes. He is the sweet family friend protector. He doesnt want to kill he wants to protect. Is not apart of a pack currently. So cool. volgende there is the fun loving stiles. He is so funny and so sweet. He is not a wolf. He is also scotts best friend/sidekick. He is also the type to help a friend. But will he ever turn wolf hope so. Lets verplaats on to Derek. He is a bit mysterious and dark. Even though he is hard he cares. He is like a bullet proof window cant see through him but u know something there (deep I know). He is the current Alpha. And these are the season 1 characters. I dont know the last guy who got turned so i didnt add season 2. Thanks for your time bye.