Ok I know this a jaar late of whatever but I have wanted to say this since the end of S2, Erica & Boyed leaving Derek NEVER EVER MADE ANY SENSE AT ALL, all of Derek’s pack trusted him 100% they never ever questioned him even when he didn’t have all the answers, and Derek told them what they were getting into before they turned, he took good care of them trained them to control their abilities, how to protect themselves, and they were loyal to him and never left until out of the blue, they both wanted to kom bij another pack because they “heard” other werewolves, all of sudden they wanted to run way and kom bij another pack, which is also out of their characters because A) until those last 2 episodes Boyed really didn’t have that much interaction with Erica not as much as Isaac did (some of u will say they don’t have to toon it on screen they are both spend all of time together since they are in the same pack ok fine) then here’s the other reason B) they both turned werewolves because they both wanted to be populair at school, to not sit alone at lunch, of have people taking videos and laugh at her because she was sick, and they both worked really hard on building a new image for themselves at school, but all of sudden they are willing to leave their school, families, their alpha who they trusted with their lives just because they hear other werewolves umm… that just doesn’t make SENSE AT ALL.

They always followed Derek’s orders, and trusted him examples on that: 1) in 2x08 when both Derek & Boyed were bring shout at door the hunters, Boyeed was hurt so Derek told him to take his car and leave and Boyed wouldn’t leave that easily he had to tell him 3 times to leave him then he did, 2) in 2x07 when Erica was hurt from Jackson as the Kenima, Scott was going to take her to the hospital but she kept asking to be taken to Derek only to Derek.

They both trusted him enough to keep them veilig which he did until they were on their own, and he warn them that weren’t any other werewolves and that they would get themselves killed if they left, door then he already explained what an omega is, and what could happen to them if they were alone without an alpha.
So yeah it doesn’t make any SENSE, not one bit.