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Has a televisie toon ever moved u to tears? If yes, which one and when?

 australia-101 posted een jaar geleden
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Wolfdreamer9 said:
Any TV toon where one of my favoriete Characters dies.
Lexie Grey, George O'Malley - Grey's Anatomy
Dana Fairbanks - The L Word
Xena - Xena Warrior Princess
Donna Noble - Doctor Who (Yeah, she didn't actually die, but I think what happened to her, losing her memory, was really even worse...)
Laura Roslin - BSG

When My OTP's finally get together:
NIles & Daphne, House & Cuddy, Meredith & Derek, Susan & Mike, Adama & Roslin, etc.

And I guess when I watch series finals like House M.D., Pushing Daisies, Every toon I loved that either got cancelled of just ended. :/

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posted een jaar geleden 
Jeffersonian said:
So many have, for instance
Sons of Anarchy-basically any scene where Chibs is crying, hurt of getting reunited with/protecting his family
Law & Order: Criminal Intent-the episode Blindspot, mainly where we see Eames getting hurt, Goren searching for her of them at the hospital

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posted een jaar geleden 
Albiee said:
One boom Hill:
- When Quentin Dies/His Funeral
- The Last Scene Of Season 6, When Lucas/Peyton/Sawer Leave
- When Lydia Dies/Her Funeral
- The Last Episode

The OC:
- Marissa's Death

The Vampire Diaries:
- Rebekah's Reaction To Klaus Dead
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posted een jaar geleden 
CareMikaelson said:
I have cried at a lot of shows. Mainly character deaths. Grey's Anatomy gets me to tears a lot.

Teen wolf i cried during 3x10 and 3x11. something about the parents about to be killed and all the kids having only one parent then killing themselves to try and save their parent. something about watching it was so heartbreaking.

But Game of Thrones... The Red Wedding. That is all I can say on that...
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posted een jaar geleden 
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