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amazondebs posted on Jun 10, 2008 at 09:40PM
now i would happily rant for a long time in a soapbox about this but since you are so impatient i shan't bother

when i say "you" i am referring to those of you who like to comment on episodes that I or others have spent time finding and uploading for everyone by saying any of the following

"this is too slow"
"this doesn't work"
"why is this so ******* slow"
"i fell asleep waiting" ect

or even flagging it because it is too slow for you, my advise to you is

1. either keep it to yourself
2. buy the dvds
3. find a better version
4. or get a faster connection

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een jaar geleden Shandiii said…
I bet that would be annoying. Plus when like 10 people say it all in a row, it's like, if 1 person says it, not everyone else needs to repeat it.

I don't think I've ever had a problem watching shows online...
een jaar geleden amazondebs said…
yeah, it's always the same people as *growls* lol

and no i uploaded two versions of all the episodes of buffy and someone even complained on both, sorry i'll stop ranting lol

and most of the time the stuff loads fine for me too
een jaar geleden ArabellaElfie said…
Just get it all out Debs, we all owe you for that and I am frankly pissed off on your behalf. Grr Argh
een jaar geleden amazondebs said…
lol at the grr arr

een jaar geleden HaleyDewit said…
I've told the Charmed fans to buy the series on dvd, in some kind of sarcastic way