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dermer4ever posted on Jun 19, 2008 at 06:22PM
this is to get peoples opinions on who they think are the most annoying characters. it can be from any show you want.

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een jaar geleden dermer4ever said…
this my list

Valerie, Noah, Gina, and Matt 90210
Janice and Emily friends
Abby and Dawson DC
George, Burke, and Erica Hahn Grey's
Julie, Luke, and Caleb the Oc
Emily and Richard Gilmore Gilmore Girls
Felix and Tim OTH
Dan and Cole Charmed
Jenny, Vanessa, and Georgina Gossip Girl
Noel and Julie Felicity
een jaar geleden Shandiii said…
Gossip Girl: Nate (BORING!) and Jenny (Bitch!) and sometimes Serena
Grounded for Life: Claudia and Lily (Both are annoying, selfish, immature and freaking rude!)
Family Guy: Louis (Ugh, I can't stand her)
The Office: Toby, Angela and Jan
Desperate Housewives: Eddie
How I Met Your Mother: Lily (I can't stand her voice and she's way too ditsy.)
Sex and the City: Samantha (I don't watch this show much but she is freaking old and really ugly!)
Weeds: Nancy (She got way too cocky), Celia, Heylia, and Conrad

And I'm sure there are a bunch more...
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een jaar geleden amazondebs said…
buffy :xander and kennedy
angel: the gruseloch or gru
one tree hill: lucas
family guy: peter

how can anyone find lily annoying? i love her and i adore alyson hannigan!
een jaar geleden Shandiii said…
At first I thought you meant Lily from Grounded for Life, and I was like how can anyone NOT find her annoying?!

But you meant the other Lily. I don't know, I just can't stand her voice and her acting. It's not bad enough to keep me from watching the show, it just annoys me a tad.
een jaar geleden nosemuffin said…
Let's see

Buffy: Dawn and Tara

One Tree Hill: Haley, but only in season 5

Gilmore Girls: Lucy and Olivia (the writers were just trying too hard with them)

Smallville: Lana Lang, Kara

Battlestar Galactica: Cally

Project Runway: Heidi Klum

Grey's Anatomy: Meredith

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een jaar geleden adavila said…
smallville: kara

family guy: Chris and that old PEDO man

The office: the indian girl


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een jaar geleden DarkSarcasm said…
The Office: Michael, Jan
Heroes: Claire, Mohinder
Gossip Girl: Georgina, Serena (on occasion)
Friends: Rachel. Grrr.
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een jaar geleden HannaK said…
Lost: Jack (really he annoys me!) and sometimes Kate
the Office: sometimes Michael
Desperate Housewives: Eddie
Grey's Anatomy: Meredith and George (stop whining and complaining already!)

These are the ones I come up with without thinking, I'm sure there are a lot more

een jaar geleden snoznoodle said…
Lost: Jack (ARRGH! Irritation!), Lock, occasionally Kate
Smallville: Lana - I don't understand why Clark likes her so much.
Family Guy: Quagmire, Peter
Simpsons: MOE!! He's not funny, he's depressed and he deserves to be!! Only time I like him is when Bart prank calls him! *shakes fist and scowls* Moe...

I probably have more though.
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een jaar geleden SpanksU said…
Family Matters: Steve Urkele
Buffy: Dawn
Grey's Anatomy: Meredith (who'd play games with a guy like Derek - he's way too good for her), Lexi
Friends: Emily

een jaar geleden hannaini said…
The OC: Marissa
Grey's Anatomy: Izzy and George (the whole gizzie thing is just annoying!)
Gilmore Girls: Dean (ugh - boring)
Sex and the city: Alexandr Petrovsky
7th heaven: the whole Camden family
Private Practice: Naomi
een jaar geleden kay_bren said…
Gilmore Girls: April and Anna
The OC: Marissa
The Office: Michael
Hannah Montana: Hannah Montana
Gossip Girl: Georgina
Laguna Beach/Newport: Chrissy
een jaar geleden waldorf said…
Oh, so many annoying characters...

House: Cameron and Taub
Gossip Girl: Jenny
Lost: Kate, Locke and Jack
Heroes: Mohinder, Noah, Hiro (used to like him) and Claire.
een jaar geleden GA-19 said…
HANH!! (Grey's Anatomy)

God i hate this bitch so much! why the hell is she even on the show. I'm gonna stop before i go on and on. LOL
een jaar geleden missfran said…
They are too many annoying characters :s

OTH: Whitey
Gossip Girl: Jenny
Heroes: Mohinder
Charmed: Darryl
Hannah Montana: Hannah Montana
Kyle XY: Hillary
Grey's Anatomy: Hanh, George Preston, Christina
een jaar geleden SG1-090 said…
Heroes: Claire! - SO freaking annoying, up yourself much?
Lost : Kate - somebody please just stab her
Gossip Girl: Jenny - i just wanna wring her annoying little neck!
House: Taub - can somebody say "completely flat and pointless character" he is so unlikeable and boring!
Buffy: Kennedy and Dawn - if i was buffy i would hav pulled a hancock and put one's head up the other's ass!

I'm sure there are more but that's all i can think of at the moment!
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een jaar geleden salemslot said…
Yeah,waldorf,totally agree with you

Dawsons Creek(Joey is the all-time most annoying character,just kill her)
House MD:Cameron and Taub
Grey's Anatomy:Meredith,George
Lost:Jack(come on,soo many oportunities to die),Kate(hit her on the head,maybe she'll have a relapse and come to her senses)
een jaar geleden jlhfan624 said…
Blair Waldorf is now my number one annoyance.
een jaar geleden kateliness2 said…
I honestly can't think of any annoying characters on TV shows that I watch regularly.

Lots of book characters, but no TV characters. Hmmm. I'll get back to you. Maybe I can think of some.
een jaar geleden toti8 said…
O.C.:Marissa,Ryan(I'm gonna puke!)
One Tree Hill:Lucas,Nathan,Peyton
Desperate Housewives:Kayla(devil's spawn!)
Dawson's Creek:Dawson
Grey's Anatomy:Meredith,Derek
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een jaar geleden deathnote said…
Hannah Montana: Her best friend *forgot her name*
Project Runway: The woman that laughs a lot *wears really red lip stick* and Stella!
Top Chef:
Shear Genius: Tabatha
ANTM: Vianca
Make Me a Super Model: Jay
Top chef: Andrew/ Hung!
Naruto: Hidan
Death Note: Near

een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…

the OC - Marissa/Ryan
One Tree Hill - Peyton, Peyton, Lucas
Gossip Girl - JENNY. serena (sometimes) also nate sometimes
Desperate Housewives - THAT EVIL GIRL! kayla or something
een jaar geleden kat797 said…
Dawson's Creek: Dawson
Friends: Emily
Sex & the city: Alexandr Petrovsky
One Tree Hill: Peyton
een jaar geleden oldmovie said…
Grey's Anatomy: Meredith
Friends: Emily
House: Cameron, 13 (sometimes)
Desperate Housewives: Eddie
een jaar geleden sahour95 said…
Jack(LOST)and Kate
Addison(Grey's anatomy)

ok that's all i think
een jaar geleden courtney7488 said…
Lost: Kate, Locke
Gossip Girl: Jenny
een jaar geleden KathyHalliwell said…
Lana Lang
Izzie Stevens
Meredith Grey
Prue Halliwell
Allison Cameron
Rory Gilmore

Addison?Annoying?Seriously?!Are you crazy?She's amazing!
een jaar geleden TmoVie_obsessed said…
Lost: Kate (my least favorite character ever created i wish she would die already!), sometimes Jack, and sometimes Locke, and Michael and Walt (they kind of go together cause they're related)
Gossip Girl: Dan, Serena, Jenny, and Vanessa (i only find them annoying sometimes though)
The Office: Toby and Ryan
i can't think of anymore right now
een jaar geleden spikes_girl said…
Buffy: Kennedy, Angel, & Parker

Angel: Groo & almost any of the Wolfram & Hart employees

Firefly: Tracey

Gilmore Girls: Dean

Freaks and Geeks: Alan
een jaar geleden sophialover said…
OTH: Seyton Sawyer...Peyton Sawyer..just call the slut whatever you!
LOST: Kate Austin
G.A: Meredith Grey
GG: Vanessa Abrams
een jaar geleden xrockstarx said…
George - Greys Anatomy
Sadie - Greys Anatomy
Annie - 90210
Vanessa - GG
Marissa - The OC
Dawn - Buffy VS
een jaar geleden huddyislove said…
ok, here's my list:

CSI: Sara- god, stop being so negative!!!!
Desperate Housewives- Eddie!! grrrr Bitch!!!
House md. : House! DO SOMETHING WITH CUDDY ALREADY!!! lol xD I love him actually xD
Bones: Cam (occasionally)
How I met your mother: Lily!
The nanny: C.C. xDDDDD
een jaar geleden 3_ThePretender said…
Gossip Girl - Vanessa!
The OC - Taylor!
One tree hill - MOUTH
een jaar geleden tushtush said…
One Tree Hill: MOUTH (also :D), Millicent, Mia, Chase, KAREN, Keith (before the death...)
Dollhouse: Sierra.
Scrubs: DAN DORIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
een jaar geleden rose2 said…
Lost:Jack,Kate,Locke,Ben,Jin(boring),Sun(a­lso boring),Hurley
Gossip Girl:Vanessa,Nate
One Tree Hill:Mouth,Millicent,Chase
Grey's Anatomy:George,Christina
House MD:Thirteen,Taub,Kutner
Dawson's Creek:Joey
The OC:Ryan
Desperate Housewives:Kayla
Gilmore Girls:Dean,Michel

een jaar geleden marissa said…
Stella from How I Met Your Mother... just get rid of her all ready! Why does she keep popping up???
een jaar geleden ravensilver said…
Gossip Girl: Vanessa, Rufus, and Lily.
One Tree Hill: Lucus.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Xander
Charmed: Leo, Piper, Andy, Billy, all the avatars, and Christie.
een jaar geleden laurik2007 said…
Gossip Girl:Vanessa
Desperate Housewives:Zack
Greys Anatomy:Hahn
een jaar geleden melandjim4eva said…
Greys Anatomy: Olivia
One Tree Hill: Lindsay and Brooke (Just sometimes mainly in season 6 towards the end)
90210: Annie
Family Guy: Chris
BTVS: Dawn
een jaar geleden sisi92 said…
GG - Georgina
een jaar geleden Seddie4Ever said…
OTH:Lucas,Peyton,Millicent,Chase,Mia,and Mouth
The OC:Marissa
Gossip Girl:Vanessa
Gilmore Girls:Logan and Christopher
That 70's Show:Donna,Randy,Sam,and Fez(seasons 6-8)
Dawson's Creek:Dawson and Joey
Degrassi:Sav,Anya,Mia,Leia,Derek,Emma,and sometimes Danny
Hannah Montana:Miley
Zoey 101:Zoey and James
Friends:Ross and Rachel
7th Heaven:Lucy and Annie
Family Guy:Peter

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een jaar geleden SeventeenQueen said…
Felicity - BEN (hate him with a passion)
One Tree Hill - Brooke (seasons 1-4), Jamie , Mouth
Gossip Girl - Vanessa, Lily
Secret Life Of The American Teenager - Anne, Ben, Adrian
Greek - Frannie, Rebecca
Dawson's Creek - Joey (sometimes), Jack (season 2)
Make it or Break it - Lauren

btw I only named characters that are on more then one season.
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een jaar geleden moon351 said…
90210: annie!
Gossip Girl: Vanessa!!!
Skins: Freddie
Dawson creek: Dawson and joey sometimes xD
Lost: Jack
Smallville: Lana
The oc: Marissa
OTH: Peyton , Mouth

een jaar geleden kellyclarkson12 said…
Gossip Girl:Vanessa( puke),Rachel :d,Emilie,Jack,
The OC:Volchok,Oliver,Trey
One Tree Hill:Rachel Gatina (slut), Nanny Carrie (psycho stupid bitch),Derek (sob),Chris Keller,Nicki (puke),Dan Scott (evil man),Deb Lee,
een jaar geleden freakiin_ruby said…
Buffy: Riley; Kennedy
Supernatural: Jo; New!Ruby (Katie was awesome!)
Gossip Girl: Nate
Veronica Mars: Duncan
Harper's Island: Beth; Katherine

een jaar geleden LeylaFenixx said…
Gossip Girl: Jenny (ugh) and sometimes Serena
Grey's Anatomy: George, Izzie, Olivia, Sadie and sometimes Meredith.
een jaar geleden clois222222 said…
lana (smallville):bitch
peyton (oth):bitch
geroge (grey's anatomy)
dawson (dc)

een jaar geleden Paramore-CSI said…
house md foreman
een jaar geleden huddygirl2 said…
I got very few do to the fact it takes a lot for me to hate a character but I do get it

house:Lucas well the new one.
why:he is no longer funny and pus he's dating Cuddy well his last appance was funny have to see if I still don't like him
why:he use's his kids frams his daughter for murder and just around badguy
why:his persony just bugs me dates Sarah tied to kill Sarah his vouce shoulds emo as well LOL BUT I did not cheer over his death and is actully happy he turn out to be alive hope's he turns back to the good side...want am a nice person.
een jaar geleden DarkSarcasm said…
Lost - Michael and WAAAAAAALT
Glee - Rachel. I liked her in the first few eps, but for some reason I just cannot stand her in the back nine.
Supernatural - Ruby!Two. Ugh.
Veronica Mars - Jackie & Parker
Freaks & Geeks - Lindsay. Damn her being the lead.
Modern Family - Cam. Just STFU already.