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nataliejade posted on Jul 27, 2008 at 08:55PM
Just like i put on the Movies spot..
If you could marry any character from a T.V show, who would it be?

Pleasee comment, thankyou :]

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een jaar geleden nosemuffin said…
Well, for this forum I'll just be pretending that I'm not married already. ;)

Definitely Spike from BtvS. I don't care that he's a vampire, passion is important!

Also, charming, rich, and witty-Denny from Grey's (if he weren't dead), Batmanesque Seth Bullock from Deadwood, and cocky Dean from Supernatural.

That's all I can think of now, but I'm sure there's one or two more.
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een jaar geleden missfran said…
I think I'll choose Nathan Scott from OTH, Nate from Gossip Girl or Dean from Supernatural
een jaar geleden nataliejade said…
Okay i would love to marry Sawyer from Lost.
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een jaar geleden GA-19 said…
Derek Shepherd or Mark Sloan

Grey's BTW if you guys didn't know
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een jaar geleden ArabellaElfie said…
I will have to go with Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dean from Supernatural, Jack from Doctor Who/Torchwood (he swings both ways), or Ten from Doctor.
een jaar geleden Sophiii said…
Ooohh dear lord, I could marry everyone. Thinking about this subject is making me have a wierd giggling spazm. Anyways, I could definetley marry Dean from Supernatural, Logan from Veronica Mars, Spike and Angel from Buffy, Chuck from Gossip Girl (even though he would probably run away within the first week), ermmm Alex from Grey's Anatomy, Seth from The O.C., Maxxie (who cares if he's gay?), Chris and Tony from Skins, oh and Robin & Vlad from Young Dracula!
een jaar geleden NikaDawson said…
Spike from Buffy, lol. And maybe Jack from Torchwood/Doctor Who, but I've only seen the first season of Doctor Who right now and a few episodes of Torcwood so not solid on that yet.
een jaar geleden ArabellaElfie said…
Dean and Spike are busy boys from the look of things.
een jaar geleden xElvenPiratex said…
It's a tie between Spike from BTVS and Jim from The Office...yes, I'm aware that they're like completely opposite, haha. Honorable mention is Kyle from Kyle XY. He's so dang cute!
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een jaar geleden ArabellaElfie said…
Oh, I forgot about Jim!
een jaar geleden kuhriissten said…
Jim Halpert! Jim Halpert! Jim Halpert!
een jaar geleden la_bomba29 said…
This is tough! There are so many I would choose. But I think I'm going to choose Dean Winchester from Supernatural.
een jaar geleden salemslot said…
^^ Totally agree!Dean Winchester from Supernatural is a god!He's the only TV character that makes me drool over my PC!But I have to say this.Even though I'm straight,Lisa Cuddy from House MD soo does it for me in so many levels.She would be my 2nd choice!!
een jaar geleden Mcc1 said…
big smile
Tony Almeida-24 or Dean Winchester-SPL
een jaar geleden spikes_girl said…
Spike. And who says I'm not already married to him? Check out the username!
een jaar geleden SG1-090 said…
Oh many people can i marry ;P? Dean Winchester from Supernatural, Spike from BtVS, Helo from Battlestar Galactica, Trip from Starship Enterprise ♥ !
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een jaar geleden spikes_girl said…
ha! trip! like that one SG1!
een jaar geleden anetted said…
een jaar geleden HotStunner said…
I Would Marry These Guys;

Chuck Bass - Gossip Girl
Nate Archibald - Gossip Girl
Lucas Scott - One Tree Hill
Dan Humphrey - Gossip Girl
Nathan Scott - One Tree Hill
Ryan Atwood - The O.C
Dean Winchester - Supernatural
Spike - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Peter Petrelli - Heroes
Dr Chase - House MD
Dr House - House MD

And Loads More Lol;

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een jaar geleden Buffyfan92 said…
I would marry Angel.
Because of everything about him, he is perfect<3<3<3
een jaar geleden kristine95 said…
#1 Dean Winchester
I honestly have a looooong list, but 'cause it is way too long I'm going with the Dean ;)
een jaar geleden HaleyDewit said…
Chris Halliwell; he's angel ;)
een jaar geleden leytonfaan_18 said…
Ohh there's lots I'd want to marry :') but it would have to be between Nathan Scott from OTH, because he's such a perfect husband and plus he's amazingly hot! ;D and Chandler Bing from Friends, because he's so hilarious xD
een jaar geleden Lie_to_Me_123 said…
Tony DiNozzo from NCIS
Kevin Ryan from Castle
Jack Shepard from Lost
Captain Awesome from Chuck
Danny Messer from CSI:NY
Jack Hodgins from Bones

But Tony is obviously my numbe one choice. ;) xD
een jaar geleden Mcc1 said…
I Know i put Tony Almeida up as well as Dean Winchester put its been a year so i can safely say i would pick Dean and only Dean to marry love that man so much