televisie [Round 1] Best word to describe 90210 TV Series contest! Which one is your favourite?

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45 fans picked:
Another Teen Drama [energizerbunny]
Superficial unrelatable toon [btflgurl]
Young, sexy materialistic [samjhart]
Full of Teens [willow96]
Fresh [Mafz]
 shannon9396 posted een jaar geleden
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Next show; Angel
posted een jaar geleden.
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rose2 picked Young, sexy materialistic [samjhart]:
And I love it for that♥
posted een jaar geleden.
last edited een jaar geleden
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sk91 picked Full of Teens [willow96]:
hahaha! Love that one! XD
posted een jaar geleden.
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leytonfaan_18 picked Superficial unrelatable toon [btflgurl]:
Sums up my feelings on this show hahaa xD
posted een jaar geleden.
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Mongoose09 picked Another Teen Drama [energizerbunny]:
I guess..
posted een jaar geleden.