televisie Which TV character would u slap if u could?

Pick one:
Jenny Humphrey (GG)
Dan Humphrey (GG)
Ross Geller (Friends)
Lucas Scott (OTH)
Kennedy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
Added by spikes_girl
Kate Austen (LOST)
Angela Martin (The Office)
Added by smoore23
Nate Archibald (Gossip Girl)
Added by alessandra_28
Peyton Sawyer
Peyton Sawyer
Lana Lang (Smallville)
Added by PaulaDM
Blair Waldorf (gossip girl)
Dawson Leery ( Dawson's Creek)
Added by cicino1
Anyone from Disney channel
Anyone from Disney channel
Brooke Davis
Brooke Davis
Added by elinochka
Ben Covington [Felicity]
Richard kasteel (Castle)
Added by pmmom38
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