televisie what are some of the Best Cancelled‎ shows u watched and wish they could come back?

Pick one:
skins us (1 season)
Dark Angel (2 seasons)
Roswell(3 seasons)
oc(4 seasons)
kyle xy(3 seasons)
wildfire(4 seasons)
huge (1 season)
10 things i hate about u ( 1 season)
ruby and the rockits ( 1 season)
valk, valk, falcon strand ( 2 seasons)
lincoln Heights ( 4 seasons)
Heroes( 4 seasons)
Arrested Development (3 seasons)
Pushing Daisies ( 2 seasons)
Samantha Who? (2 seasons)
Ghost Whisperer(5 seasons)
Flash vooruit, voorwaarts ( 1 season)
Las Vegas (5 seasons)
Life unexpected( 2 seasons)
true calling (2 seasons)
Hellcats(1 season)
ugly Betty (4 seasons)
Greek ( 4 seasons)
Dollhouse ( 2 seasons)
tower prep (1 season )
Beautiful people (1 season)
Hidden palms (1 season)
the best years(2 seasons)
melrose place (1 season)
Harper's Island( 1 season)
moonlight (1 season )
medium (7 seasons)
veronica mars(3 seasons)
Firefly (Not even 1 full season)
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The Beautiful Life( 1 season)
Everwood (4 seasons)
Dead Like Me (2 Seasons)
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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles(2 seasons)
Gilmore Girls(7 seasons)
Gary Unmarried (2 seasons)
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